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If you’re hip to the whole viral video thing, we’re sure you’ve seen this stellar example of a young savvy sassy mom in training. This pint-sized five-year-old goes on a rant about how she won’t get married until she has a good job – and if you don’t want to wait for her, too bad. Take a look:

I say, good for her! Now, while this is all fun and games and meant to be tongue-in-cheek (come on, she was prompted by an adult), I love the message that this sends. Marriage is serious business. If you think it’s all lovey dovey and pretty – you’re wrong. Marriage makes you take a hard look at yourself and love your parent truly for better or for worse. If you’re happy, your marriage is happy. The self exploration that comes before tying the knot is often times that basis for your personal well being.

Also, what does this video say about the new generation of women we are bringing up in this world? These young ladies in training are truly a new breed of independent and intelligent women. Men, you better watch out!

How it important is it that our girls know that the goal of life is not just to get married?

How are you teaching your daughters about independance and career choices?

Please share your savvy thoughts and sassy opinions below!

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