Valentine's Day Date Ideas

34 Valentine’s Day date ideas

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It is time to think about how you and your special someone are going to celebrate Valentine’s day-the ultimate date day/night. Whether you are a Valentine’s Day enthusiast or need a little outside help to get into the spirit, we have some great Valentine’s day date ideas that will ensure that you are ready for the festivities whether you are going on a Valentine’s Day Date that transpires into a big night out with your loved one, or staying in and getting cozy.

34 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Day Dating on Valentine's Day

If you are planning on spending quality/uninterrupted time with your significant other during the day, we have some of the greatest ideas to try on this special day while your kids are at school:

  • Take a bike ride around the city
  • Go to a Matinee performance
  • Lunch date at your favorite restaurant
  • Massage at a Spa or DIY at home
  • Sign up for a cooking class together
  • Volunteer together at a charity you both strongly believe in
  • Workout together, try something new
  • Go to a driving range
  • Ice skating
  • Head to the Planetarium
  • Make a day of it at the Museum
  • Learn to play pool
  • Sing your heart out at a Karaoke bar
  • Roam around a Farmer’s market
  • Take a photography class
  • Tour your local winery or brewery
  • Stroll through an art gallery
  • Play Bingo at your local Bingo Hall
  • Tennis anyone?
  • Play Strip Poker
  • Wander a flea market
  • Go Anitiquing or thrifting together
  • LOL at a Comedy club
  • Relive your first date
  • Go to a local coffee shop and bring a deck of cards
  • Test drive your dream car
  • Play a board game in bed
  • Audit a class together at a local college
  • Take a nature walk
  • Create a treasure hunt
  • Try a Pottery class
  • Test out a Ballroom dancing class
  • Go to a couple’s yoga class
  • Take a drawing/painting class

No matter what you and your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend or anyone in between decide to do for Valentine’s Day, the ambience of exploring your city in the daytime can elevate your date’s creativity, while preserving your wallet! Happy Loving!

How do you plan on sharing your day with your loved one? Do you have any favorite cost saving date ideas?

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