Ultra Date Night

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I have to admit some of the stuff I get to do is pretty darn cool!  I get plenty of pitches everyday, some are very exciting and some are horrible and then there are those that fall somewhere in between.  I do appreciate creativity, which is why The Cottonelle Ultra Date night caught my eye.  Can little switches make a difference?  So my husband and I switched it up last Friday night and went on an Ultra Date Night!  Normally, you would probably find us sitting on the couch watching an iCarly marathon, folding laundry and trying to keep the kids from killing each other.

On this particular Friday we got off the couch (or computer)and went out just the two of us.  Now this was an “Ultra Date” so car service was arranged for us.  I thought a nice black town car would be pulling up, nope.  We walk outside and it’s a full stretch limo and inside it was a full on party limo with twinkling lights and neon strobe balls!  This was actually very funny to us because Harris and I met in a party limo very similar to this one.   So of course on the way to the dinner we talked about the first night we met.  We’ve been together ever since.

I chose the restaurant La Boheme in West Hollywood because I have always heard such great things!  I like restaurants for their decor just as much as the food, so this was a perfect choice.  We sat upstairs on the balcony that wraps around the restaurant and the view over the  main dining area was quite romantic.  I loved all the chandeliers and the ambiance is very lush, velvety and chic.  The food was incredible!  I had the pumpkin ravioli and it was SO delicious, it melted in my mouth.  It was one of those unique flavors that makes you sit back and say this is so good over and over again.

Something else at the restaurant caught my eye, in the ladies room.  Now usually on a date it would never occur to me to take notice of the type of toilet paper was provided, but…. There happened to be a  nice basket filled with extra rolls in plain sight.  To my surprise it was a generic brand of toilet paper (Kirkland) too bad I didn’t have any Cottonelle Ultra back in the limo,  I thought it would have been awesome to make the switch while out on our Ultra Date! 🙂  A place like that should have some better TP;)

Harris and I needed this date night to just sit back and enjoy each others company again.  We have gotten out of the habit of taking regular date night, not a whole lot of extra room in the budget lately so we really enjoyed our special night together.  I think most married couples just get into a routine and somehow just get stuck switching it up can put that spark back into the relationship.  It really allowed us to re-connect.  I would encourage all parents to put regular date nights on the calendar just like the birthday parties, soccer games, and school activities.   Date night is just as important, if not more!  So what are you waiting for, Switch it up!

Share how you switch it up!

  • Do you schedule regular date nights?
  • How do you re-connect with your spouse?
  • Any date night disasters?

“Make the Ultra Switch” Sweepstakes is underway, and now through May 1, switch to Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper and enter for a chance to win up to 90 prizes in 90 days at www.CottonelleUltraSwitch.com.  Prizes include spa services, luxury hotels, video cameras and jewelry.



Disclosure:  I was provided with car service,  gift cards for our date night and Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper.   I participated in this Ultra Date night so my husband and I could switch up our friday night routine and inspire other to do the same.  All of my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own. 

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