Tykester app keeps parents in the loop

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Tykester knows leaving your kids is hard

You don’t have to be a new mom to know being away from your kids can be tough. Whether your little ones occasionally stay with friends or family members, or you drop off your child with a caregiver each day, wanting to check in is natural. Calling all the time can be awkward, either because it’s inconvenient for you or for the person in charge of your child. Paper notes passed between parents and caregivers at the end of the day feel a little incomplete and can get lost in the car before you even have a chance to look at them.


Tykester app helps parents and caregivers stay connected

The Tykester parenting app is an amazing — and paper free! — way for parents to connect with their children’s caregivers when on the go. Updates can be done in real time, so parents know if kids are currently playing outside or just woke up from an extra-long nap. Not only does Tykester let caregivers provide current, detailed information on children, it gives parents the opportunity to feel connected to their little ones. Knowing your toddler had a super-short nap before you pick him up can help put parents in the right frame of mind for the mood their child will be in when you arrive.


The Tykester difference

Not only does Tykester give parents more detailed access to their children’s days, the app is helpful for caregivers as well. Available as a free app for mobile devices and desktops for both iOS and Android, Tykester is an easy way for anyone to stay connected with their caregivers — and because it’s free, parents can connect with regular childcare providers, family members, or even friends watching their kids for the afternoon. Instead of filling out several forms saying the same thing, for various parents, caregivers can update a group of parents with one click of a button. Playing outside? Fingerpainting? An entire group of parents can be updated with the information instead of a paper system that involves multiples copies containing identical information. Solid communication goes both ways — parents can check in quickly with the “What’s Up?” feature of the app. Learn more FAQs about Tykster and find out if it’s right for your family.

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Why Tykester will work for you

Even if you don’t use a childcare provider on a regular basis, Tykester is a fantastic app for on-the-go parents. Parents can use Tykester as a stand-alone app to track their child’s patterns in behavior, moods, eating, and sleeping. Moms and Dads can use it to communicate, and it is a fun way for grandparents to see a tot’s schedule in action before coming over to babysit for the day. Tykester can even be used to share photos.

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Watch Tykester in action

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How do you stay connected to your kids while you’re away from them?

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