This Is Where I Leave You

Counting down to This Is Where I Leave You

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The This Is Where I Leave You movie wants to set a date this September

Jonathan Tropper’s novel This Is Where I Leave You is coming to theaters on September 19, and the dramatic comedy promises to prod every bit of funny out of the dynamics of family dysfunction in the aftermath of a father’s funeral. The all-star cast — seriously, we would watch Tina Fey paint a house — combined with Jonathan Tropper’s adapted screenplay of his own novel, makes the This Is Where I Leave You movie a must-see this fall.

This Is Where I Leave You

Chat about #TIWILY every Wednesday

Book lovers know reading the book before seeing the movie is one of the commandments of reading and movie watching. Gather your girls together, snag a copy of This Is Where I Leave You, and schedule a book club meeting for your next girls’ night in. If you’re between book clubs — or just want a little extra discussion about the hilarity of family dysfunction — join Warner Bros. Pictures’ #TIWILY book discussion on the film’s Facebook page each Wednesday, and take part in the conversation for a chance to win signed movie posters and a trip to the premiere in Hollywood!

TIWILY Book Club

Savvy readers are getting ready for #TIWILY

I’ll be hosting a This Is Where I Leave You book club discussion in early September, and I already can’t wait to chat about it with my girlfriends. Between the characters in TIWITY and the real-life stories that always weave their way into our book chats, I know it’s going to be a smart, funny and fabulous conversation. Sometimes family shenanigans seem overwhelming, and there’s nothing like a little commiseration and conversation to make you realize all families have their own catalog of cringe-worthy stories.

This Is Where I Leave You

Join the countdown to the This Is Where I Leave You movie

Follow along with the #TIWILY book club conversations and get more information about the film’s release by liking, following and participating in the social media conversation surrounding the movie.

Watch the This Is Where I Leave You trailer
Have you read This Is Where I Leave You? Will we be seeing you on Wednesday nights?

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  1. I really want to read this one before the movie comes out. Guess I need to finish the other 2 books I am reading right now! 😉

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