The Power of Purple!

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 Power, Passion & Purple!

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  1. I was just thinking about pants vs capris today. I was doing a 4-mile super power walk and one of the ladies in the DVD had on capris and I was thinking how nice it would be to have ‘air conditioning’ as my legs were getting hot.

    Although I love my sweat pants – I think as the weather starts getting warm I’m going to look at getting some capris.
    .-= Alaina @ A List Of Healthy Foods To Eat´s last blog ..Tell us: How Do You Feel When Judged? =-.

  2. My favorite workout color is black so no one can tell how much I am sweating!

    I wish I knew who made the best sportsbra. I haven’t found one that I’m completely satisfied with…

  3. I wear whatever is clean and in my closet! I usually just shop at Target for workout clothes, but really should invest in some better pieces. The above photos are adorable. And I agree, can’t wait to hear about the best sports bra!

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  5. Do you have a favorite Workout Color?

    Lately it’s green, but I love purple too!

    Which do you prefer Pants or Capri’s?

    Definitely capris.

    Where do you shop for Fitness Clothing?

    Lately I go to Hibbett.

    Who makes the best Sportsbra?

    I have three that I love but I’ve worn them so much that it wore off the name!

  6. Hmmm, thinking fav workout color is light blue…..I like capris when it’s hot, but currently like pants as they hide my prego cankles! I like Nike and Lulu Lemon for clothing and use to like Nike Sports Bras, but the new prego chest has me about to try out a new company that I heard is great – the Fiona sports bra. Supposed to be a great nursing sports bra, however it’s also supposed to be super supportive for large post prego chests and gets rav reviews!! Crossing my fingers!
    .-= My Favorite Everything´s last blog ..shoobie~dee~doo =-.

  7. I prefer capris and probably dark purple/black – it’s more slimming!?

  8. I prefer doing yoga in pants in the winter and capris in the summer!

  9. I absolutely prefer pants to capris. I’ve always had this aversion to capris. I like to wear khaki or olive green cargo pants when working out and a black top. I generally don’t shop for workout clothing specifically–a lot of times I just wear street clothes, hence my entering this giveaway to try something different!

  10. Hey Andrea,

    Purple’s my favorite in general, but sometimes I mix it with black, and I’ve been known to work out in a red or turquoise top, too. Whichever color I wear, I coordinate the shoes too (well, I choose between my purple or blue runners).

    I usually pick pants over capris, and the best sports bras I’ve found are Jockey and Champion.

    .-= Heather Vale Goss´s last blog ..The Raging Debate on the Spiritual Side of Avatar =-.

  11. OOhhhh these are very nice! Guess I`ll have to switch to purple now. My fav color to work out is in either pink/black, orange/black or blue/black. Just those vibrant colors make me smile and keep going.
    Very funny I went shopping last week and bought a few tops in different stores and I came home and took them out of the bag, it was all purple! Didn`t realize I had purple on my brain. This is a sign! LMAOL

    PANTS and Capris are equal in my drawer. love them both.

    You know what I love the Victoria Secret sports bra`s. One of the view with a wire built in. So my boobs are not facing south but aiming north. lol
    .-= Linda Rihani´s last blog ..Vital baby =-.

  12. I love moving comfort sports bras! They are comfy and super cute.

  13. I like to exercise in pants (usually black or gray) and I usually shop at Target. Thank you!

  14. I prefer pants over capris because I’m short 🙂

  15. My favorite workout color is green, not sure why but I have ALOT of this color! I prefer capris, and I usually shop at academy or Dicks sporting goods. Most of my sports bras are either Nike or underarmour.
    .-= Christi Crow´s last blog ..A Great Giveaway! =-.

  16. I ususually work out in capris. I don’t care what color, usually blue or black. Since I work out at home no one but the kids see me, so I don’t worry much about how I look.

  17. I prefer capri’s over pants and they are always black. I’ll wear any color on top, but on the bottom… ALWAYS black!

    btw~ LOVE PURPLE!

  18. Favorite workout color is black- makes me look skinner!!


  19. I love to wear capris over pants the pants hang to long on me. I like to wear bright colors for my top and black usually for my bottoms. I like to shop at the nike outlets.

  20. I like to work out in black and pink! And I also prefer pants or shorts 🙂

  21. I work out in black pants and my favorite pink Nike shoes and a bright red work tank. 🙂

  22. My favorite workout color is black because I feel more slim!

  23. My favorite workout colors are black and gray – I could use some purple to jazz it up a bit! 🙂

  24. I like to work out in capris or shorts…pants get too hot.

  25. Purple is a favorite color . just lost 30 lbs and looking for more inspiration to assist me with my newly found inspiration.

  26. Favorite workout color is purple or pink. I like something bright to stay motivated.
    I like pants in the winter annd capris or shorts the rest of the year.
    Favorite place to shop for fitness clothing is whereever is having the best sale.
    I have not found a sports bra that is comfortable to me. That is probably why I have so many!!

  27. I LOVE purple! Seriously, that has been my favorite color since I was like 5 years old.

    Sports bras are a nightmare. When I’m nursing I have to wear two. Do they make any bras that eliminate the jiggle?
    .-= Aimee´s last blog ..There’s a Chicken in my Laundry! =-.

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