The Epic CA’10

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We sat in a yurt, barefoot and in a circle…

The inagural Creative Alliance ’10, a weekend that cannot be easily summed up in a few short sentances or with over the top adjectives to describe it.  It was more of a feeling and a state of mind, you really had to be there to see it, feel it and choose to accept it.  From the very beginning I knew the experience Lee wanted to create for everyone, she wanted to gather smart, creative women, to sit down and talk to one another on a more deep and personal level.  It was that simple.

It was an organic, relaxing weekend and it was up to everyone to make the most out of their time at Calliote Canyon.    I literally unplugged from everything, my computer, cell phone, TV, family, and life.  When I wasn’t running around making sure Lee was okay and that everything was going along as scheduled, I just sat back and soaked up the Ojai sun, and thought how grateful I was to be in such a magical place with this group of women.  (see  I could have said “these extremely talentend and inspiring women”)  but I left out the over the top adjectives.

This was something different then a crowded room, loud party or random booths with companies giving you a tote bag ,water bottle or worse, applesauce and mayonaise.  This was a chance to create exactly what we set out to do “ceate authentic alliances” and get to know the story behind a company and to engage in a real conversation.  We wanted to be open with one another and explore the possibilities of working together, be honest, share goals and then move forward.  Not just with the brands but with each other.

No matter why anyone came to CA’10, the truth is we are all trying to navigate our own unique way in the online space and it should not be a place of negativity, fear, or hesitation, it should be a place of collaboration and respect.  The two brands that understood what this weekend was about came on board with a lot of enthusiasum dispite the risk of the unknown.   Moji and Paper Culture wanted to learn, they wanted to listen and they wanted to be open to the possibility of collaboration  and by them showing up to the yurt, kicking off their shoes and sitting in our circle, well, they certainly gained our respect.


 The Magic is at the Edge!

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  1. Well girl when I read your recap, I still can’t believe all the planning is over AND the twice daily phone calls. 🙂 I’m sure you’re a little relieved to have me stop bugging you. 🙂

    Unplugged. That was key to the success of the weekend I think. Even though computers were still around, they weren’t being used as tools to hide or “look busy.” We were all so truly engaged with one another that I saw the computers being taken out a lot less after the weekend really got rolling….

    Anyway – dude – you were such an integral part as to why CA ’10 went as it did and I can’t thank you enough for supporting and being a part of the vision…


  2. Just reading the word ‘yurt’ brings me right back to that easy, peaceful feeling. Love that the vibe of respect and collaboration continues!

  3. I’m not sure which part of this made me the happiest… the word ‘epic’, or ‘yurt’ or simply that it allowed me to re-live – just for a few moments this magical experience. Thank you! So glad we were there together!

  4. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to catch your tweet announcing CA10 at a precise moment when this was exactly what I needed to refuel my blogging passion.
    all meant to be.

    Can we do it again? 😉

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