The Bra Whisperer, Susan Nethero

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“Boobie Fashion”
(that is what my son calls my Bras)

When I was asked the question:  “Are you wearing the right bra size? ”  I like many of you told myself “yes, of course I am”.  I know my bra size, I mean its pretty simple or so I thought….

I made a trip to Intimacy and met with the famous Bra Whisperer, Susan Nethero and she gave me more than the 411 on Boobie Fashion!  She walked me through her candyland, revealed the intimacy Bra Bank”  and spent over 30 minutes in the dressing room with me giving me a complete bra education.

Was I wearing the right size?  Of course NOT – I thought I was a 34B and it turns out I am a 32C!   Susan also showed me that i could be wearing many more flattering styles to make me look slimmer, taller and add a little more vava voom!

So, do you think  you are wearing the Right Bra Size?

I’ve got a $100.00 Gift Card to Intimacy, that says you’re NOT!
 To Enter:  Please Answer these 2 questions?

1.  How many Bra’s do you own

2.  Have you ever been proffessionally fitted for a Bra?


Extra Entries

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*Contest open to US Residents Only
* Contest ends November 18th at 11:59pm

Disclosure:  I was invited to the store for a custom bra fitting by the Bra Whisperer under no obligation to highlight or promote my experience.  I was given a bra and panty set as a gift from Susan Nethero.  I decided to bring this fun content and contest to you.

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  1. I have 2 and have never been professionally fitted. Would love to win.

  2. Liked Savvy Sassy Moms on Facebook- Alex Bunny Missick
    following Intimacy on Twitter-@bahamabunny
    I own 5-7 bras
    Never been fitted

  3. 1) I have eight bras
    2) I have been prof. fitted once.

  4. I have a lot of bras but I think most of them no longer fit. Thanks to being a bfing mama and all!

  5. How many bras? More to the point, how many that feel good and fit right? Maybe 3. Have I been fitted? Yes, but probably 10 lbs (or more) ago.

  6. No, I have never been professionally fitted for a bra.

  7. I have several and have been fitted. What a difference.

  8. I have about 5 bras. I just got fitted for a bra and I found out i was the wrong size. I am a 36 B so now i need to replace my old ones

  9. 1. 20
    2. N ever been proffessionally fitted for a Bra

  10. Oh lord, about 20 bras, and no never professionally fitted

  11. following intimacy on twitter – saphyress

  12. I have lots of bras, probably 10-15. I have been professionally fitted, actually at intimacy. Unfortunately, I could not afford their prices. If I win this, I will be heading back to get one of the bras I liked.

  13. I have five.
    I have been fitted but not by a professional.

  14. I probably own about 8 bras and have never been professionally fitted although I’d like to

  15. I own four bras and no I have never been fitted but would like to in the future. Thanks.

  16. I have about 8 bras…one that I love, 3 that I like, one that I need (strapless) and three that have been in my drawer for a while that I don’t wear. I have been fitted professionally and it was great, but I’ve since lost some weight.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  17. i have about 15 bras, and i’ve been fitted before!:)

  18. 1. I have about 8 bras (that I actually wear)
    2. I was professionally fitted at Lane Bryant 8 years and 2 babies ago. I am sure it has changed now.

    diamond42377 at gmail dot com

  19. Excellent post! The right bra is key to looking your best in all your clothes. Kudos to the “bra whisperer”!
    -Deb for Ouidad

  20. I own around 8 bras. I got professionally fitted at Victoria’s Secret. I am glad I did, I had been wearing the wrong bra size for many years.

  21. I have 5 bras but only 2 that fit right. Yes, I have been sized.. that’s the 2 that actually fit! 🙂

  22. I probably own about 8 or 9 bras and I have been professionally fitted. Being pregnant though, I know I need to go back in and find out what size I currently am.

  23. I have around 7-10 and I have never been professionally fitted. Thanks for the chance.

  24. I own about 10, but only 4 or 5 that fit properly. I have had 1 professional fitting in the past.

  25. I own about 18 and probably 4 of those fit really good. I have been professionally fitted but it was years ago, I’m sure my size has changed a bit!

  26. i have at least 12 & i have been fitted

    autumn398 @

  27. I have way more than 20 bras, but I probably only wear about 8 of them on a regular basis. I have never been fitted. 🙂

  28. I have about 10 bras, but only one that I love. I have never been professionally fitted, but I would like to.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  29. I own 5 bras. I have been professionally fitted once.

  30. You did such a great job on this video-you must show me how-who filmed it?? LOVE IT!!

  31. yes. I’ve been fitted. A few times. My boobies are smaller than your boobies. I know. I have sad boobies. Guessing I have 5 bras that fit

  32. I own about 12 bras but a couple are way too tight. Ahem!
    Yes I have been fitted.

  33. I have probably close to ten bras and no I have never been fitted.


  34. I have about 10 bras. I was professionally fitted after my kids were born and I was done breastfeeding. I didn’t recognize my breasts at that time and didn’t know where to begin!

  35. I own 5 bras. I’ve never been fitted professionally.
    michedt (at) gmail (dotcom)

  36. I have 3 bras and i have been fitted once.

  37. I own only two bras that I wear regularly (bad, I know!) and I’ve never been fitted professionally.

  38. I own… maybe 8-10 bras but I think I only really wear 5 of them. The others are either too small, missing a strap, or the wire has broken thru (and I am too attached to it to throw it out yet.. seem to think I can FIX an under wire..) – I have been professionally fitted (WHEN I WAS 12!!!!)

  39. I own 10 bras and have never been fitted professionally

  40. LOL…in all honestly I probably only own about 5 bras. I’m always finding myself browsing for more, but a good, quality bra isn’t cheap! So I chicken out and change my mind.

    I have never been fitted professionally for a bra. It’s not because I’m shy or uncomfortable with it, I just haven’t done it yet! It’s on my to-do list 🙂

  41. I own 6 bras that I wear regularly. I few other “specialty” ones (strapless, push up for special occasions, etc.). I’ve never been professionally fitted.

  42. I have about 10 maybe 15 bras.. and I have been fitted once.. Like 10 years ago

  43. I probably own about a dozen and have never been fitted. The idea of a “bra whisperer” cracks me up! Thanks!

  44. I have about 10 bras and I really only wear about 3 or 4 normally. The other ones are for certain special occasions such as weddings or having a strapless dress ect. and yes I always get my bras after being specially fitted (normally at Victoria Secret) but they are so darn expensive!

  45. i only have 2..don’t really wear bras .
    had a disastrous breast reduction that left some..issues and i can’t find a bra that is comfy. i need one though, after the reduct i am still a full c
    i did have a fitting years and years ago but my chest is different now.tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  46. I have 4 bras and I been somewhat professionally fitted….not a true bra expert…just the fitting room lady 🙂

  47. oh i guess that could have been two entries, this can be two.
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  48. i sent a friend req on fb
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  49. I own a lot of bras, probably about 2o. No, I’ve never been fitted for one, thanks for the chance!

  50. I own about 10 bras. I was professionally fitted once, but since I’m pregnant it is time for a new fitting!

  51. Right now, I only have about 5 bras that fit. I’ve been professionally fitted, but that was long ago, and I couldn’t squeeze into that size anymore if I tried. lol

  52. I own 3 bras, 2 of which I know are the wrong size :/
    I’ve never been fitted.

  53. I have about 4 (one recently broke lol) and I HAVE been professionally fitted but not in a while.

  54. following intimacy on twitter -camonkeymomma

  55. sent you a friend request on fb – gabrielle p

  56. i own about 10 bras, but i only wear like 6 of them.
    i have been measured before “professionally” if you count an under trained vs employee as “professionally”. They have measured me anywhere from a 34b to a 36 d depending on who it is!

  57. Prob 5-10 bras and yes I have been fitted
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  58. I have about 15 bras, and I have never been fitted. suelee1998 @

  59. I own about 5 or 6 bras, and have never been professionally fitted.
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  60. 1. I own 3 bras.
    2. I’ve never been fitted for a bra.

  61. I own 4 bras but they are all the same kind – different colors.
    yes I;ve been fitted.

  62. 1. How many Bra’s do you own

    PROBABLY 6 or 7

    2. Have you ever been proffessionally fitted for a Bra?

    no, I haven’t.

  63. I only own 2 bras. I rarely wear them though unless I am at work or working out. I am small enough that it doesn’t seem to matter and I generally find them uncomfortable. Though, to answer question #2, I have never been to be professionally fitted. Maybe that is what is missing!

  64. I have about 6 bras, but only wear 3 regularly. I’ve never been fitted.

  65. I have 3 that now fit me, No I have never been fitted.

  66. I have about 5 bras that I wear…I have never been fitted. I think I am wearing the right size, but I am probably not. I find that bras run differently, so its tough to tell.

  67. I have about 9-10 bras right now. I went on a huge spree at Kohl’s when they were clearancing old models. I got 7 bras for $11.99 each!
    I have been professionally fitted and I WAS WEARING THE RIGHT SIZE. I’m a 34C!

  68. 1. I own over 20 bras
    2. My last fitting was 5 years ago… From a 36A to a 32D!!!

  69. i own about 15 bras, i haven’t ever been professionally fitted

  70. I’m the proud owner of five bras. Last spring I was proffessionally fitted for the bras. Thankyou 🙂

  71. I own 5 sports bras and No, I’ve never been fitted! Help!

  72. I own around 14 bras. I was fitted in January, when I went down 3 cup sizes and I need to be fitted again.

  73. 1. How many Bra’s do you own
    I’m guessing about 25.
    2. Have you ever been proffessionally fitted for a Bra?

  74. I have eight bras. I haven’t been professionally fitted for a bra.

  75. Help! I have FMS and every FMS female that you talk to says, “how do I find a comfortable bra?” Because of pressure points we can NOT wear underwire. Is there a good comfortable bra that we can wear? Thanks for your help.

  76. 1. How many Bras do you own:

    I own about 10.

    2. Have you ever been professionally fitted for a Bra?

    Yes, but I do not believe that I was measured correctly. The wires of the bras I bought as a result of the fitting are still digging into my ribs, though, of course, they weren’t digging when I tried them at the shop.

    I don’t know if I will ever have success with a bra-fitting. I think my girls are a difficult case. Is Intimacy up for the challenge?

    I am following Intimacy on Twitter.

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