Teen fall fashion essentials for back-to-school

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Teen Fall Fashion Essentials for Back-to-School

Shopping with teens for back-to-school can be so much fun… and it can also be challenging. Thankfully, our resident teen mom, Lisa, has the best tips and tricks to making it work for everyone. Even if you don’t have teens at home yet, you can start implementing some of these strategies into back-to-school shopping with your kids now!

Get organized

Prior to taking my children shopping for back-to-school, I like to do an inventory of what they already have in their closets. First, we do a clean up to make sure that we know what we are looking for, and then we make a list of things they need. There are always trendy pieces that my daughters will want once the shopping excursion has begun.


I always give my children a budget! That way, they have to rationalize what they actually need versus what they want. They can create piles of items that they want and add up the value themselves in order to narrow down their choices while still in the fitting room. A simple cotton, budget-friendly Biker Jacket, $50, that can be used all year round was added to this years must haves.

Key pieces

My children know that classic pieces last in their wardrobes a lot longer than trendy pieces do. Although, during our shopping trips, they always are lusting after the latest and greatest. Sometimes, if they really want something, they will need to eliminate something else in their collection to maintain their given budget.


With stars being the latest trend, we had to invest in a couple of star pieces. For this season trend, we purchased a star slip dress, pictured above from LFStores (price upon request at store), and added the Wilfred Piaf T-shirt, $40, underneath to solidify an appropriate after school/evening look. We paired this with a simple, yet layerable, Contrasting Velvet Choker, $15.

Comfortable and fashionable

Super trendy doesn’t always mean practical. My children spend most of their time at school and or studying. They need to dress for comfort, yet feel confident in their clothes. If it’s not comfortable, but pretty, it may hang in the closet after that first-time wear. For back-to-school, we chose a stylish yet comfortable pair of Superga Platform Shoes, $80.  We added a simple, yet classic Reclaimed Vintage Bandana Neckerchief Scarf, $17, that can be worn on the neck, around the wrist, or tied to your backpack.


Remember that the teenage years are a time of expressing yourself. Let your child make their own choices but guide them when necessary. Even siblings may have polar opposite tastes in fashion, give them the freedom to make wise choices while setting them up for success.

Have fun and bond

Back-to-school shopping can be a time of bonding with your children. Being prepared ahead of time will give you the opportunity to enjoy this time with your kids.

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