Summer Sleep Tips for Babies

Summer sleep tips for babies

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Summer Sleep Tips for Babies

7 Summer sleep tips for babies

Getting your little ones to fall asleep can be challenging all year long, but for some reason, getting them to get a good night’s rest during the summer months can seem daunting. Between the heat and the sun shining so late and the general lack of schedule, summer babies sleep schedules can suffer. These summer sleep tips for babies and kids from our friends at DockATot will help your baby get more rest this summer… which means your entire family will get more rest!

Tip no. 1: Make the room as dark as possible

One of the greatest challenges in the summer is getting the kids to bed when it’s still light out. Our bodies pick up on the smallest amounts of light which can inhibit our best sleep. Your best bet is to make the room as dark as possible by using room darkening shades or curtains. This creates a cave-like feeling and makes sleep more feasible. Use these for nap time and bedtime. You can also grab a set of inexpensive room darkening curtains and a tension rod to use when traveling over the summer. The tension rod will fit to most size windows whether you’re in hotel or visiting family.

Tip no. 2: Keep to a regular schedule

During the summer, especially when vacationing, it’s hard to stick to a regular schedule, but it will benefit the entire family in the long run. Try to establish some structure to your days and create a summertime routine that aligns as closely as possible with your regular schedule. Keep wake time, bedtime, and nap times the same. That will help keep your family’s circadian rhythms on track.

Tip no. 3: Make bedroom temperatures cool enough for sleep

It’s very hard to sleep when it’s hot. Babies’ bodies do not regulate temperature as well as adults do and they can become overheated more easily than older kids and adults. Keep the room temperature set around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring in a fan if necessary to cool down the room… just make sure the air isn’t blowing on the child. During the daytime, pull the shades during peak hours of sun to help keep the room cool, as well. Dress your baby in a simple cotton sleeper, lightweight cotton swaddle or onesie. Using DockATot for napping or resting can also help as it doesn’t harbor heat and creates an ideal microclimate for babies.

Tip no. 4: Don’t Skip Naps

It’s hard to stick to regular nap times in the summer, but kids need it more so in the summer when they’re out in the sun more and more physically active. Try hard to squeeze in a nap and if they fight it, insist on quiet alone time in the middle of the day to recharge.

Tip no. 5: Keep to your schedule when traveling

Getting kids to stay on schedule during summer travel is just plain difficult. Traveling kids may resist bedtime, refuse naps, sleep restlessly, or wake up earlier than expected, resulting in cranky kids and worn-out parents. So insist on a semi-regular sleep schedule to keep everyone happy. The key is recreating the child’s bedtime routine as closely as possible in the new location. Maintain a consistent bedtime and bring along bedtime books and familiar bedding and toys to comfort tired kids and encourage sounder sleep (and don’t forget the sleep shades!).

Tip no. 6: Sleep help for older kids and teens

It’s more of a struggle to get older kids and teens to shut off for the night especially when they’re more in control of their bedtime. However, you can enforce both a media curfew and a wake time. These will act as a cue for sleep and help teens to be more naturally inclined to get in bed at a reasonable hour.

Tip no. 7: What to do with varying schedules

You may have kids in your home that go to bed at different times for different reasons such as age, individual needs or varying schedules. To keep everyone on track and well rested, maintain a set period of quiet time at night. For instance, say starting at 8 p.m. the house becomes quiet and in sleep mode even if everyone is not yet sleeping. In the mornings, get kids into the habit of getting up without waking their siblings. Give them an incentive to stay quiet during these times with a special movie or book with a parent, electronics time (a.m. only as p.m. electronics can throw off sleep patterns), or make breakfast together in the morning.

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