Summer Loves Boho Chic

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One of my favorite looks in the summer months is the boho look. It just screams “SUMMER!” It used to be that you would only see a select few pulling the boho chic look off right, like celebrity Nicole Richie.

Summer Loves Boho Chic


This summer the boho look is on trend and is easy for anyone to wear and it’s also super comfortable during the hot months as the look is relaxed with oversized tunics and caftans and maxi skirts and peasant tops. To wear the boho look, you want one piece to be oversized and relaxed while the other piece (either pants/skirt or top) is more form-fitting. This way you don’t look like you’re just wearing too big of clothes but rather looking relaxed while pulling off a great style.

What’s your favorite look of summer? Are you a Boho summer lady?

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