Stepping on the scale of success!

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Why is it that no matter how much a woman accomplishes or achieves in her life, she is still judged by her weight?

Sure, some things have started to change, but not much. We see “heavier” women in movies, on television and on the cover of magazines. But when we do, it usually results in another headline about her weight, calling out the fact that society has now accepted plus size women and that we’ve have matured past the fact that you can only be a size two to be successful.

Hooray, the world finally loves women of all sizes! Or do they?

I’m not going to lie, I worry about my weight. I think my butt and thighs are too big. It’s just too bad that my thighs and butt do not display all the things that I have accomplished in my life. It’s not only a woman’s size and weight either, it’s our hair, our skin, our height, our smile and what we wear. All of these things on the outside somehow overshadow the things on the inside.

Stepping on the scale of success

Instead of weighing women by their appearance we should be weighing them by their courage, ambition, selflessness, confidence, creativity, dedication, and drive. Now that is a scale that I could proudly stand on!

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I’m going to take a moment and step on the scale of success. Now, everyone’s success scale is very different, but when I reflect on my life and where I am today, I wish that I was weighed in AMBITION, because I will OWN 140 lbs of ambition.

Ambition: “A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.”


The size of my ambition trumps the size of my jeans any day! Ambition is what has made me the successful person I am today. Ambition is what gives me the courage and confidence to believe I can have everything that I want in life. Ambition fires up my creativity and powers me through challenges and difficult times. Ambition is smart, sexy and powerful. So if you’re going to weigh me, you can weigh me in that.

A Must See:

Watch this video about how women would like to be weighed by and grab a tissue!

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  1. So good! And such an important message to remember.

  2. That is so beautiful, love it. We never talk about weight in our house and I do that specifically because I have 2 daughters. We talk about health and being strong, but more than that we talk about being nice, loving others and each other and caring about the people around us. I would want to be weighed on my compassion and care and things I do to make the world around me better for my family and the other people in my community and beyond.

  3. Author

    Compassion. That is a great one. Talking about being healthy and strong is SO important for girls to hear. People are beautiful for so much more than their appearance – its a good thing to teach our kids at a young age!

  4. This was exactly what I needed to read at this moment. I was just judging myself at the pool for not being as tight and toned as I would like in my swimsuit and this is the perfect reminde that it doesn’t matter! I do so many other great things and should definitely be weighed in those areas instead!

  5. Love, love, love this! The continuous worry about weight and image is so tough for women, especially when it makes up such a small part of who we are.

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