Star Wars Day at Sea

Star Wars Day At Sea on the Disney Fantasy is a day to remember

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Star Wars fan or not, Star Wars day at Sea aboard the Disney Fantasy is a day to remember! Let’s be honest for a second, everyday on the Disney Fantasy is as magical as the next, but Stars War day at Sea tops the cake! We just got back from a 7-night Disney Fantasy cruise and when I asked the kids about the highlight of the trip, Star Wars Day at Sea was right at the top of the list!Star Wars Costumes for a Disney Cruise

Star Wars Fan or Not, You will Love Star Wars Day at Sea

Whether you are a die hard Star Wars fan or you just simply recognize the characters, the entire day is filled with fun that everyone can enjoy. So, what is most magical about the entire day? The fact that everyone on the ship is in the Star Wars spirit making everyone feel like life long friends!

Star Wars Day at Sea - Disney Fantasy
Start Your Day The Star Wars Way!

Start your day with Star Wars Character meet and greets! What better way to get into the spirit than meeting all of the characters themselves. Because there are so many eager fans waiting to meet the characters, every 15 minutes, you have the opportunity to pre-book meet and greets. The restaurants and other areas of the ship are transformed and the characters await your arrival.

Because this is a Disney experience, you can expect it to run like a well oiled machine! You will have lots of time to say hi to the characters, take their pictures and have a quick chat too! Both the kids and I had the best time running through the ship eager to meet the next character on the list!


Storm Troopers for Star Wars Day at Sea
Afternoon Star Wars Fun

The rest of the day is yours to choose. Head to the Disney theatre to watch Star Wars movies, test your Star Wars knowledge during some Star Wars trivia or head to the pool deck and watch out for the Pool Patrol. While you enjoy a “regular” day on the top deck by the pool and on the Aqua Duck (the waterslide), keep an eye out for the Storm Troopers. The dark side takes over the big screen by the pool and Rey comes out to get help hiding from the storm troopers! The kids were so excited to help tell her which way the Storm Troopers went to help her stay safe!

So many activities to choose from

Don’t miss out on the ‘Porgs on Board’ Scavenger hunt. This is a great way to see parts of the ship you haven’t had a chance to see. It’s so much fun to do this scavenger hunt as a group! Learn to draw your favorite characters or head to the Walt Disney Theatre for Jedi Training! There are BB-8 Races, Superfan contests and of course, a galactic dance party! Oh, you definitely will want to schedule in time to see Star Wars at Lightspeed where Disney Cast Members bring to life the original trilogy of films in a fast-paced show! By the end of the day, you will be an even bigger Star Wars fan than you already were!

Star Wars Nighttime events

Once the day is done, it’s time to get ready for dinner and the big finale! No matter what restaurant you are dining at that evening, you will order from the special Star Wars menu. For this night on the ship, the look of the menu changes…but that’s not the only thing looking different! Your waiters, who you will quickly come to love, will show up to you table in on-theme attire! The kids just loved this!

On the tables, the kids menu comes in the form of a Star Wars mask…the question is just which characters will your kids get! So, you will definitely want to get dressed on theme for this night out on the ship! At our table, we were graced with the presence of Rey and Darth Vader, together at the same meal! The kids were so excited to see other people on the ship dressed up in the same costumes as them! This made for great conversation in the elevator and makes the 4000 people on the ship feel like friends!

A Star Wars (late night) Feast

After dinner, head to the theatre for more Star Wars movies. Around 10:15pm, the whole ship comes together on the top deck for an amazing tribute to all of the Star Wars characters from all the movies, a live performance from characters on the ship and an amazing fireworks show, the second on the ship! After the fireworks, for one night only, the buffet is transformed to a Galaxy far beyond! At 10:45pm, the buffet re-opens for a Star Wars filled feast! You will be amazed by the detail that goes into this exciting night!

Star Wars Day at Sea has just begun, but it will keep on going though early 2021! If you are on the fence about booking, now is the time to take advantage of this amazing day on board! Don’t miss out on our packing list before you go!

Got questions? Ask away! We’ve got answers!

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