Tips for Homeworkers: How To Create An Inspiring Workspace

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Millions of us are working from home at the moment, and this is a trend that looks set to continue. Even long after the Coronavirus has left us, it’s highly likely that many employees will be spending more time at home. If you’re a homeworker, here are some ideas on how to create an inspiring, functional workspace. 

Finding a quiet spot

One of the most critical aspects of working from home effectively is finding somewhere quiet and tranquil where you can concentrate and escape the hustle and bustle of family life. If you don’t already have a study, think about where you could base yourself. If you have a guest room, you could create a more versatile space by swapping a bed for a sofa bed and adding a desk and office chair. You could also consider using part of your garage, adding a garden room or a conservatory or sectioning off part of a formal dining or living room. If you have a loft or a basement, you could also explore the possibility of converting the space into a study or a studio, but this will obviously take time and cost money. For those keen to take on a project, this kind of home renovation can add a huge amount of value, and it will enable you to create a purpose-built workspace. 

Decor ideas

When you’re working, you need to be able to concentrate and you want to feel calm, relaxed and inspired. Design your area based on the types of jobs you undertake and the vibe you want to create. If you’re an artist, a designer or a musician, for example, your space may look very different to a study for an accountant, a business consultant, a tutor, a marketing manager or a writer. Keep things simple if you have a desk job, which doesn’t involve creative tasks and focus on designing a space that enables you to tick off your to-do list with minimal effort. Ensure that you are comfortable, and use accessories, flooring and pops of color to put your stamp on the room. If you have white walls and engineered wood flooring, add flashes of vibrancy and interest with potted plants and wall art and make a feature of your storage. Open shelving units are ideal for keeping your stuff tidy, and they can also provide a focal point. If your workspace is a creative zone, you can be more liberal with color. It’s also an excellent idea to angle your desk towards windows and doors to maximize exposure to natural light. 

Making the most of small spaces

You don’t need a vast office or an expansive studio to make working from home work for you. Thanks to innovative storage solutions and furniture designs, you can create a fabulous, functional area even if you’re short on space. You can buy desks and workstations that double up as side or console tables and storage units, you can invest in extendable tables for working in kitchens and dining rooms, and you can section off parts of rooms that have other purposes using screens and curtains.  

Working from home offers an array of advantages for many employees and self-employed individuals, but it can be tricky to set up a practical, inspiring workspace. If you’re based at home, hopefully, these tips will come in handy.

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