How to Keep Up Healthy Habits in Self Isolation

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All of our lives have been completely turned upside down. No matter how you slice it, life is as far from normal as it has ever been. It is a lot to adjust to. Whether you are now working from home, no longer working at all, taking care of the kids full time, or even if you were a stay at home mom to begin with, life is still very very different. Not being able to be out and about all the time can be challenge. Not being able to call on a soul for help, is a huge challenge. There are a lot of challenges through this all, but they best to get through it all it to keep up healthy habits while you are in self-isolation, quarantine, under a stay at home order or whatever it may be.

How to keep up Healthy Habits
Healthy Habit 1: Stay active

Let me be honest, staying home has been a BIG challenge for me. At the end of the first week, I was finding myself feeling quite down and sad. I quickly figured out that staying active in an absolute must. Not only do I need to stay active, but so do my kids! While it is easier for the kids to run out into the backyard and play or take out their scooters and ride up and down the street, I needed to incorporate activity for myself into the day as well. Here are some ways to stay active:

  1. Go for walks – lots of them! Make sure you are not walking in highly populated areas. Walk in the neighbourhood, take side streets with little to no people, or find a trail that allows you some space. We have been walking numerous times a day to get the blood flowing and to get fresh air.
  2.  If you have access to any workout equipment, use it. If you hav an elliptical or a treadmill, hop on for even 30 minutes a day. Take a break from working, do it before you start the day, set the kids up with an activity beside you, and get moving! Now might be a great time to rent or buy a machine if it will help you get through this time.
  3. Watch an at home workout video: Not sure what to do? Hop onto youtube and find an at home workout to get moving. There are amazing yoga videos, pilates, 30-minute HIIT videos and so much more. Take some time to search at home workouts and make some time to do them!
Healthy Habit 2: Stay on a schedule

With nowhere to be, it can be hard to follow a schedule. For your physical and mental health, get yourself on a schedule that works. If you are working from home, make sure you are eating breakfast before jumping onto the computer. Make time for lunch instead of forgetting to eat meals throughout the day. If you are not working from home, a routine is even more important! Make sure you get yourself on a routine STAT! Wake up at a reasonable hour, make yourself breakfast, eat a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner. Plan activities during the day, whether it be activities for the kids, walks, household chores, decluttering, or other things on your to-do list, do them at planned times during the day. This will help you to keep busy and ensure you aren’t aimlessly snacking and sleeping all…which is no good for your physical or mental health.

Healthy Habit 3: Stay Hydrated

Drinking (water that is) throughout the day is essential for your physical and cognitive well-being. Make sure and the kids you are staying hydrated throughout the day. Some water bottles track your intake, if you are worried that you aren’t drinking enough. If you have trouble drinking throughout the day, try adding berries or citrus fruits to your water for an added natural flavor. For the kids, get them some new water bottles for a change and to get them excited! Truth be told, we should be changing our bottles every now and then anyways! If there was ever a time to challenge yourself to drink more water, now is the time since you will always have access to a bathroom!! The other thing that I am obsessed with that has seriously helped my water intake is my Soda Stream. I absolutely love it. It increases my water intake and decreases the amount of soda I drink. It’s a WIN-WIN!

spinach orange smoothie recipe
Healthy Habit 4: Eat Fresh Fruits and Veggies

While we all know how easy it is to carb load, but I would highly recommend that you don’t! When this is all over, you will thank yourself for eating healthy. Fresh cut fruit prepared in the fridge makes for a great snack or addition to a meal. When you feel the need for something sweet, this is a great alternative. Additionally, frozen fruit is also great. Throw some frozen fruits into the blender, add some veggies too, and enjoy an extra healthy smoothie for breakfast!

Another great way to get your veggies in is by making soups. This is also a great way to use veggies that you haven’t had a chance to use throughout the week. Now is not a time to be throwing out extra food.

Healthy Habit 5: Limit your Caffeine

Don’t rely on caffeine to get you going throughout the day. Stick to a cup in the morning and then try moving around and getting fresh air to stay awake and motivated if you need it! Drink herbal tea and decaf coffee in the afternoon so that you don’t affect your sleep. There is already enough to lose sleep over, so don’t let caffeine keep you awake at night.

Keep health as a top priority and stay safe! What else are you doing to stay healthy?

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