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Fashion trends always seem to resurface years after they were popular and one that we are welcoming back with open arms is the bodysuit! While we all loved bodysuits for different reasons, we all disliked them for the same reasons, right? (No need to say more if you’ve ever worn one.) But, with the comeback of the bodysuit, comes new and improved versions that are making us fall in love with them all over again.

Our team gave the sta BODY a try recently, which is an updated bodysuit with an open back. In the front, it looks like a tank top, but the back separates at the bottom making bathroom visits a breeze. The front is attached to the bottom ensuring that your tummy is covered and it offers a bit of tightening, as well, keeping everything together. Here’s what each of us thinks

From Lisa…

If you know me well, you will hear me telling my daughters to put a tank top under their blouses. Why, you ask? I want my kids to be appropriately dressed at all times.

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You can also find me wearing the matching tank top underneath all of my work clothes. When I’m at work, I feel comfortable and professional when I leave the house wearing my white sta BODY tank. It is light, comfortable and easy to wear. While wearing it underneath a blouse, I know that it will stay in place and ensure that I am never exposed beyond my comfort level. It kind of reminds me of an adult onesie, because the panty is attached to the tank, but you have the ability to go to the ladies room, without undoing the entire bodysuit and avoiding having to get dressed all over again before leaving the washroom. This invention is greatly appreciated by this working mom of teenage daughters.

From Jenna…

Finally... Tank Tops that Stay in Place for Moms

For as long as I can remember, I have worn a tank top with every outfit. I remember buying an abundance of Elita white tank tops when I was 10-years-old so that I would have one to wear everyday. Today, if I get dressed without a tank top first, I am left feeling naked under my clothes! With that said, not just any tank top will do. After having two children, I am am very sensitive about my stomach showing when I lift my arms to get something from the top shelf in the kitchen or, more importantly, to lift up one of my kids to carry them around. I frequently find myself in the position of a child on one hip and the other hand holding my other child, pushing a grocery cart or carrying a variety of bags! The bottom line is that the third hand that we all wish we had, is not available to continuously tuck in the tank top that keeps rising up due to the squirming child on my hip. The invention of the sta BODY has eliminated one of the 99 reasons why I need an extra hand all the time!

From Angela…

Wearing a camisole under silky tanks, t-shirts and even sweaters helps me feel more confident in whatever I’m wearing. I generally get dressed before the kids wake up for school, and I try to choose something that works for the walk to school, PTA meetings, volunteering in the classroom, meetings with community business owners or brainstorming sessions with my writing group. Maybe it’s a little vain, but I feel better when I know I’m wearing something that looks sleek and put-together — but is still comfortable enough to be worn for more than twelve or fourteen hours each day.

While my favorite barre class does a decent job combating my favorite food — cheese, preferably with crusty bread and a little more cheese — I appreciate that the sta BODY offers smoother lines without the restricting feel of traditional shape wear. The bodysuit isn’t suffocating at all, but the Spandex helps create a sleek look. The tank straps are another reason I find myself reaching for my Sta-body instead of my previously-favorite cami. Wide enough to cover my bra straps, the tank straps eliminate the messy look that can happen when your camisole and bra strap wander to different parts of your shoulder under fitted clothes.

From Katie…

As a mom whose pregnancy weight became a permanent fixture on her body after having three kids, I can tell you that I am not a fan of shapewear. I might even go so far to say that I hate it. Besides the countless times I’ve spent struggling to actually get it onto my body where it’s suppose to be (and getting so sweaty and frustrated as I do!), it’s really the message that shapewear sends that I have an issue with. Because, let’s be honest, it’s not really designed for women who need it. As a mom who lingers in the world between plus size and not-so plus size clothing, I can tell you that the shapewear struggle is real.

sta Body Bodysuits for Moms

To me, sta BODY was a nice alternative to the shapewear I’ve tried in the past. And, being a huge dress-wearer, I loved that I could wear it under my dresses to keep everything else in place — wearing a tank under a dress can feel so strange and you’re constantly battling to keep it pulled down, but the bodysuit make it easy and effortless. The sta BODY made me feel supported all day, without feeling constricted or like I needed to fuss with what I was wearing under my clothes.

You can read more about sta Body and purchase them online on stabody.com. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too.

Thanks to sta Body for providing us with products to review. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are always our own.

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