Shelfie for the bathtub

Shelfie bathtub tray for safer play

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Bathtub Shelfie

The Shelfie Bathtub Tray

We’re always looking for cool products that help you get through the day and keep you sane, so when we saw this simple but savvy solution for bath time play, we thought it was brilliant!

The Shelfie bathtub tray is a tray that attaches to the outer ledge of the bathtub with suction cups. The tray was ready to use straight from the box, and easily adhered to the outer wall of our tub. When I give my kids a bath, my goal is to get the kids clean, and their goal is to play and splash water everywhere. My kids consider bath time as extra playtime, and with the Shelfie it is great for them to have some extra space for fun in the tub.

The Shelfie bathtub holds toys, cups, washcloths

Besides extra play space the Shelfie contains the water of the items placed upon it. The Shelfie bathtub tray has a raised edge and a graded surface that contains drips and pours, and then drains the water back into the tub. It is designed to hold cups, toys, washcloths, literally everything you use during bath time. My daughter was instantly drawn to the Shelfie bathtub tray, and I loved that my floor stayed dry when her boat full of water came towards it.

Shelfie Bathtub tray

Shelfie the bathtub tray for safer play

Annually, children younger than five account for 43,000 slips and falls in the bathroom. So, when the daughter of Joy Jones, Shelfie creator, slipped on a puddle in the bathroom she decided to design a tool that created a play space for kids on the tub ledge that contains water. Solving a universal problem for parents. Keeping smiles on kids faces during bath time.

Shelfie for the bathtub

Joy Jones was a 2014 Huggies® MomInspired™ Grant recipient that awards inspired moms $15,000 in seed money as well as business resources to further the development of original product ideas and startup businesses. Her goal is to continue to introduce future versions of the Shelfie, as well as other new problem-solving products that make life easier for parents!

For more information and details on how to purchase a Shelfie bathtub tray for your tub check out their web page here.

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