Shark Clean Twitter party #SonicDuo

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Shark Sonic Duo Twitter party

Shark Clean Twitter Party
Tuesday, April 30th
6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST
@Momtrends @savvysassymoms @SharkCleaning

We’ll be giving away 4 Shark Sonic Duo’s {$249.99 retail value}

Don’t you feel better when your house is clean? You know, when the dishes are done the laundry is put away and your house has that “just cleaned” sparkle!? Clutter and the never ending housework is always a big distraction. For me, an afternoon of deep cleaning, sorting and organizing my house always makes me feel so much better. I typically like to clean on Sunday’s so Monday morning I can start my week with a fresh clean slate!

Having a clean home is also important to your physical health, we bring a lot of toxins into our homes so making sure our countertops, furniture and floors are clean will also help prevent germs from spreading and keep our families healthy.

Our kids track in all kinds of dirt, not to mention the never ending playground sand. It seems like we always have a broom in one hand. With kids there are bound to be many spills and accidents but like they say, “It’s no use crying over spilled milk”. Well, as long as you have the brand new Shark Sonic Duo. Shark is changing the way America cleans its floors by introducing an entirely new cleaning category through the launch of the Sonic Duo. It uses a first-of-its-kind technology to remove 4 times more stuck-on dirt in carpets than vacuuming alone and deep cleans hard floors better than any mop on the market.

Shark Sonic Duo Floors

7 ways the Shark Sonic Duo will help you clean like never before.

• The Sonic Duo technology is a unique combination of high-speed scrubbing action at 1,000 times per minute and a custom cleaning solution and pad that results in a deeper clean leaving no sticky residue.

• Not only does the Sonic Duo provide a deeper clean, it does so with less effort by easily gliding over hard floors and carpets at just the push of a finger.

• The Sonic Duo gets carpets and area rugs visibly cleaner and brighter, and also removes stuck-on dirt and grime deep down without leaving a sticky residue for a truly clean home. New Sonic Duo Hard Floor/Carpet Cleaning Technology.

• The Sonic Duo is easy to use with light-weight 180-degree swivel steering and enhanced Airglide™ maneuverability that steers with ease across floor surfaces.

• The product is safe for all floor surfaces including carpets, area rugs, hardwood, tile, marble, stone, laminate and linoleum**

• From high-traffic areas to embedded dirt, the Sonic Duo removes hard-to-reach stains and odors leaving floors brighter and fresher in half the time with less effort compared to cleaning with a mop and bucket or vacuum. Floors dry in less than five minutes every time and require no rinsing.

• The system uses non-toxic, biodegradable formulas that are safe for children and pets.

Available at retailers nationwide $249.99
Visit for more information
Follow Shark on and Twitter @SharkCleaning

Twitter Party Prizing

4 Shark Sonic Duo’s (1 winner for each)
Shark Sonic Duo Floor Cleaner

For official rules, please link here.


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  1. This is going to be a great party, would love the chance to win a Shark Sonic Duo, this would make cleaning with a baby, hubby and a dog, a whole lot easier. See ya soon! 🙂 Thank you

  2. Wondering if Canadians are welcome to participate & win at this party? What a fabulous prize that would be!

  3. I have one of the original Sharks and I love it! Would love to win an updated model for my daughter.

  4. Yay! I can’t wait… I’m very excited!!! :))))

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