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As an inspiring entrepreneur I get a rush of excitement whenever I hear about a successful start up story.  The first book about business I ever picked up was Ladies who Launch and it is is a bright yellow mess because I highlighted something on almost every single page in the book!  It was the first business book that really spoke to me as a creative person and in a languageI could understand: business from a woman’s perspective.  I still flip through it from time to time for that little kick in the pants of inspiration and motivation!

“Design Your Life. We are all given the same amount of time in a day, a week, a year.  the question is, what are we going to do with this time and life that we are given.” Ladies Who Launch

Over the next 5 weeks I will be bringing you the Start Up Story Allison Costa and Amy Feldman – best friends and inventors of COVERPLAY: a cute and functional slipcover for play yards. Their big break came this year when the five Marriott brands signed a deal to begin offering COVERPLAY to families traveling with young children as part of their Tots Travel Too program.

So you can see why I wanted to share this with you – it has Savvy Sassy Moms written ALL over it!  I hope by sharing their story with you it will encourage you to launch your own idea, creative project, or any personal changes and work towards your own individual success story.  Watch for a new video every week in June!

Transforming the Dream:  The Common Denominators

1.  They can clearly imagine it
2.  They created the unique voice or point of view that helped them speak it
3.  They act on it, taking the actions and steps toward making it happen
4.  The ones we admire the most celebrate it.  They enjoy every step of the process.

Taken from the book Ladies Who Launchentrepreneurship & creativity as a lifestyle


1.  What are your Dreams?
2.  What is holding you back?

Please share them here…

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  2. I incubated my business concept through Ladies Who Launch, love that group!

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