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No this is NOT a torture device and No I was not strapped to it against my own will (in fact there are no straps). I wanted to experience the ROM Machine (Range Of Motion) for myself and to evaluate “The 4 minute Workout”!  My husband and all his guy friends have been using the ROM machine and raving about it, so I have been intrigued and a wee bit skeptical.

4 Minute Upper Body 

This is full engagement of your back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, lats and abs. The wheel is what sets the resistance allowing for a complete workout of non-impact cardio, strength training and stetching all at once!  You have to use just as much strength to push it forward as you do to pull it back. I instantly could feel my muscles being stretched and used in a very different way from strength training or yoga.  I could feel this stretch all the way through to my fingertips. The workout got very challenging towards the end of the 4 minutes and things started to burn and create that weird, yet enjoyable pain. As I sit here typing, this my shoulders and arms feel a bit heavy but not in a painful way just a gentle pressure.

4 Minute Lower Body 

The legs, glutes, hamstrings and calves are really put to the test and it is intense!  You place the balls of your feet on the pedals and begin to step up and down, and again with the resistance of the wheel it makes it just as difficult to step down as it is to step up. I started out slow and with smaller steps, but once I got into the groove my legs began to push down further causing the step up to be a much steeper climb and more challenging. My entire leg from my hips to my calves felt like they were all moving in total sync with each other and I could really feel it in my buns! I stepped off and my coach (yes you get your very own coach) told me to keep holding on to the handrails, so I could find my balance and allow my legs to adjust. Wow, I was totally out of breath and my body was all tingly from my 8 minute workout!

You can read about all the medical details and case studies over at or play the video below to see the ROM in action and hear about this incredible machine!

I typically work out for an hour and a half, as I have said before Fitness is my Filterand so I use exercise for an escape  from the kids, husband, computer, and life.  So, as much as I can appreciate the convience and the time savings of a 4 or even 8 minute workout, I am not convinced this workout by itself  is ideal for me.  However, I can see myself adding this into my current fitness regiment of Yoga, Running, & Biking.

I fully understand why my husband and the guys love it, they want to get a complete workout in, get it done, and they don’t want it to take 2 hours of the day.  For most people that work fulltime, have kids and other hobbies, 2 hours a day is a lot of time to commit to exercise.  So the ROM Machine can be a perfect way to get a workout and still reap all the rewards.

I understand the benefits of the machine and can testify for it being an intense and complete workout.  It’s a pretty incredible machine and who doesn’t have 4 minutes?


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