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My Favorite Protein Shakes!
One word describes these Protein Shakes, DELICIOUS! 

I was at the gym last week and after my workout I felt like I needed to get something in my stomach right away so I was hoping to go down to the front desk and buy just a plain ol’  banana, but they were out of bananas.  So the girl at the front desk suggested the Oh Yeah! Bananas & Cream Protein Shake.  I was a little hesitant because I typically don’t like protein shakes, too chalky and most of them leave an uncomfortable after taste.  I was seriously blown away by the taste and instantly checked the back to see how many grams of suger it had, because something that yummy had to have lots of sugar.  What?  Only 3 grams of sugar – uh? 

Oh Yeah! Shakes have 32 grams of protein, are made with fresh
diafiltered milk, extremely low in carbs, sugar, and 100% lactose-free. 

 They come in 5 Award Winning Flavors!
Chocolate Milkshake, Vanilla Creme, Bananas & Creme, Strawberries & Creme, and Cookies’ & Creme

No, really they were recently awarded the #1 Nutritional Shake in America by the American Masters of Taste Foundation.

 What the heck is “Diafiltered” Milk?
(this is from an article at B-Net Formulating UF MIlk by Sharon Gerdes)

A Ultrafiltered (UF) milk is a fluid ingredient that contains lower levels of lactose and higher levels of protein than regular milk.  An additional process called diafiltration results in additional carbohydrate removal. Diafiltration involves adding water to the retentate as it is being ultrafiltered to reduce product viscosity and remove even more lactose and minerals.

Another advantage of UF milk is that the total carbohydrate content can be dropped to lower levels without the use of dietary fibers and sugar alcohols, thus eliminating the “net-carb” definition and the laxative-effect problems that can be associated with too much fiber and sugar alcohol in the diet.
To read the entire article about UF Milk and diafiltered milk click here!

Oh Yeah!  you should try them, even my daughter thinks they are
“The goodest shake she ever had!”

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a case of 12 mixed Flavors for you try!

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