Rosy Cheeks for the Summer

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This summer fresh faced and fancy free is the way to go. In order to help get that summer healthy glow get out a great rose tinted blush and put it on the apples of your cheek bone. It will give you the healthy glow no matter what your skin tone is.

I was flipping through a magazine several months ago and noticed that many of the models and actresses had this beautiful glow about them, and when I looked to see what the common thread was I realized it was the fact that they had rosy cheeks. Rosy cheeks on any skin tone gives a very fresh healthy glow, and is perfect for the summer.

Nyx Stick Blush in Hibiscus ($6) is perfect to throw in your bag for on the go touch up. Slide it on your cheeks and blend in with your finger. In less than 2 minutes you have rosy cheeks on the go.

Rimmel London Match Perfection 3 Tone Blush in Medium ($5) allows you to do a rosy cheek or blend to give a bronzed rosy cheek. You can blend these 3 colors every which way you’d like to create the perfect hue.

Sally Hansen Cream Blush in Beaming ($9) I think the name says it all. I mean look at the color, if I was wearing it I’d be beaming too. This is the blush you need when you are feeling joyous and want your face to show how you feel.

Kevin Aucoin one of the most revered make-up artists started his own brand of make-up just before his passing. The brand still lives on with his vision of great colors for women. That’s why I love The Creamy Glow in Isadore ($24). This vibrant pink would look fantastic on a darker skinned woman because of the intensity of the pink.

I believe that Benefit Cosmetics Benetint ($29) is the mother ship of the rosy cheek look. This a stain made from actual roses to create this beautiful color. Put as much or as little as you want on your cheeks. It’s waterproof and is the most natural looking of all. You can use it on your lips and your eyelids if you want. Guess what? It smells like roses too.

Get out there and get yourself a rosy hued blush that will get you the healthy fresh look you want to exude this summer.

Do you have a great blush that gives you a rosy cheek? If so, please share. We love to discover new products all of the time.

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