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Rivet & Sway Stylish Eyeglasses

There are only a few companies that have truly impressed me. And by impress, I mean, really knock my sassy socks right off. The companies on my short list are the ones that pay very close attention to every detail and do not miss a single step in the quality of product and the customer engagement process. Rivet & Sway has made the short list.

Rivet & Sway is an online boutique for fashionable eyeglasses exclusively for women, and the products are gorgeous and truly speak for themselves. But, it’s not just the product that needs to impress me, it’s the customer service, the marketing, the packaging and the voice of the company. When all of those things align you have a pretty spectacular result.

First of all, you should know that I wear glasses every day. They are an essential tool for my
work, as I log a lot of hours in front of my computer screen. I usually take them off to go out or run around town because I’ve never really thought of them as an accessory or a fashion statement. They’re just my glasses. Rivet & Sway however, has made me see that glasses can be fun and fashionable!

They have a beautiful collection of eyeglass frames that you order and have shipped directly to your home to try on at your own convenience. You start by filling out a quick survey about your facial characteristics and then give you suggestions based on your answers.

Be sure to read Rivet & Sways’ Golden Guidelines – which feature seven tips for finding the perfect pair! {super helpful}

You can even consult their stylist, Ritzy and she will recommend some top picks for you. Ritzy, is a sassy little lady who will follow up with you in an email and offer even more help. Once you order your three frames she even checks up to make sure they have arrived. Ritzy even reminds you to mail them back. It was seriously like having a virtual stylist walk you through the entire process (I sometimes need someone telling me exactly what to do). When your package arrives, be prepared for beauty. The packaging is phenomenal. Each pair arrives in a gorgeous little black box.

Rivet & Sway packaging

Rivet & Sway Pink Rizzo.

Try them all on and choose your perfect pair!  I tried…
Rizzo – Crushed Velvet
Besame Mucho – Heat Wave
Umami – Golden Tortoise

Rivet & Sway at home try on
Rivet & Sway trying on

When you are done trying them on and have picked your favorite pair you simply send all three frames back in the box they arrived in.  They give you a return address label.  Then go back to your shopping cart on the Rivet & Sway website with your Rx number and order your new stylish glasses!  All the glasses are $199 and that includes the frames, Rx lenses, coatings and shipping.

Speedy delivery:  Your new glasses will arrive within a week!

Rivet & Sway Eyeglasses

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  1. I got my Rivet & Sway glasses last year and I still love them. I’m a Faster Pussycat girl!

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