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Savvy Sassy Sponsored PostIf you’re anything like me you have gotten yourself into a situation where you didn’t know where a friend or relative was registered when they were having a baby or getting married. What do you do in that situation right? You start calling around or sending e-mails? Maybe, you even do what I do, start searching on-line at the most common stores and hope they are registered there. The good thing is that RegistryFinder has taken the guess work and leg work out of searching because as long as you have the name of one person on the registry it will find it for you.

RegistryFinder home page

So I gave it a test drive with my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting my first niece in September. Although, I know where they’re registered I thought it would be a good way to test out this system.

Finding someone on RegistryFinder

First I put, in my brother’s name and it came up in 2 seconds. (Please note: the hearts were put there by me to keep their names confidential.)

registryfinder E&D

Then I just clicked the name and bam their registry showed up. (Please note: the characters were put there by me to keep their names confidential.)

RegistryFinder search results

It was right. They are registered on Amazon. It was just that easy! I clicked on the Amazon icon and I was sent over to the registry.

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