Quick and healthy breakfasts for busy mornings

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kid-friendly breakfasts
Why moms need quick breakfast recipes

Some mornings, it’s a mom-win to get the kids out of the house with their lunches packed. On the days sitting down for breakfast might mean missing the first bell, mom can be a hero will a healthy, portable breakfast. Try these quick breakfast recipes that your little ones will love.

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Easy breakfasts to grab and go

If your temperatures are still hovering closer to summer than fall, these Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Popsicles from Food Folks and Fun are a sweetly healthy breakfast treat. Kids won’t even mind being rushed in the morning when they know a breakfast popsicle is waiting.

Vegetables aren’t always easy to work into breakfast recipes, but the Zucchini Pineapple Bread from I’m Bored, Let’s Go disguises them with a fabulous, moist bread. The generous recipe makes enough for a loaf plus muffins — which are perfectly shaped for little hands.

If you have the type of kitchen where you’re always tweaking recipes, the Really Good Granola from Supper at Six is the grab-and-go breakfast for you. You can subtly switch the flavors based on what you have in the cupboard on any given day, and it’s an easy breakfast to eat in the car.

For kids who are extra hungry in the morning, try the Overnight Oats from eat. live. travel. write. Prep the oats the night before, and by morning your kids will have a healthy, filling breakfast that is sure to keep their tummies full until lunchtime.

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Breakfast recipes with quick and easy prep

You only need four ingredients for this delicious Tangy Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie from Apple of My Eye. In addition to it being a kid-friendly option for busy mornings, this smoothie can be made in a regular blender.

Natural Chow understands what it’s like when your energy crashes, and her Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Bites will help make sure it doesn’t happen to your kids. These little bits of protein power could be easily customized to accommodate allergy needs — try SunButter for kids with nut allergies.

Modern Oats are a Savvy Sassy Moms favorite. My kids adore this all-natural oatmeal option, packed with delicious ingredients and antioxidants. On busy mornings, I appreciate the ease with which this healthy oatmeal can be made, without sacrificing the nutritional benefit of a healthy breakfast. Simply add water to the individual serving containers, heat for three minutes, and go!

Breakfast recipes to warm up and go

While the breakfasts are warming up, throw on this casual — yet stylish — outfit that’s perfect for the carpool lane.

Omelets on the Go from Pip and Ebby are the perfect heat and go option for busy mornings. Designed to be baked as individual servings, moms can simply warm one — or two — for each child before heading out the door.

A frittata makes a wonderful brunch option, but it can also be re-heated for a delicious, warm breakfast. This Spinach, Bacon, and Gruyere Frittata from Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish will be a hit no matter what time of the day it’s served.

Quick breakfast recipes
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What’s your go-to breakfast when you hit snooze too many times?

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