Prom dress shopping: What moms need to know

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The time has come for your daughter to go to the prom and she has been dreaming about her prom dress for ages. But, while the task of finding a prom dress may seem easy enough, there is so much more to it than you realize. Here’s what every mom needs to know before she goes prom dress shopping with her daughter.

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There is a Facebook group

You heard correctly. There is a Facebook group for the girls to post their prom dresses. They post their dresses the second they purchase them so there are no repeat offenders the night of prom. Occasionally, girls will post multiple dresses, claiming more than one dress so no one will buy them. Thus, it is important for your daughter to be loud and clear about which dress she intends on buying. Often, a certain style may be more popular amongst the large group of girls, so it is important to ensure your daughter that though her dress may look similar to another, she will still be able to add unique touches with hair, accessories and makeup to make the look her own.

Start shopping early

Many girls have an idea of what styles of dresses they are interested in, but once they try something on, it may be different than anticipated. Prom dresses are already stocked and in the store early. If you want a premium selection, I would suggest starting the search in January. Some of the girls may need some time to see what is available, what suits their frame and what colors are in stock.

All about photos

Some boutiques do not allow you to take pictures at all, but if they do allow photos, take some. Personally, I think it is extremely helpful to take a picture of your daughter in their dress if they are undecided or if they are deciding between multiple dresses. They can also revisit the photos later when they do not feel that purchase pressure and will have time to see a selection at a different retailer, narrowing down the options.

Skip online shopping

We know that there are so many retailers specializing in prom dresses, however, shopping online may be a little disappointing once the dress arrives at your home. When you are anticipating the dress that you ordered, you may have to have it altered, pay shipping fees, may even have to ship it back once it arrives and start the shopping all over again.

Test out makeup and hair, pre-prom

Do a trial run before you settle on a style. Trying something very different the day of prom may result in an unhappy daughter, and even worse, an unhappy mother. Pinterest is a great place to pin different hairstyles and makeup tutorials to give you inspiration on looks to try.

Additional wardrobe required

Not only does your daughter need a prom dress, she needs a graduation outfit to wear under the cap and gown AND an after-prom dress. Please note: the beautiful prom dress that you spent hours debating about and purchased that was sealed for preservation in the garment bag for months will probably be thrown to the sidelines as your daughter prepares for her after-prom activities. This dress is not a gown — it will probably be a “nightclub” type dress for the remainder of the evening.

Remember a change of Shoes

Make sure the shoes selected are comfortable or they will not even make it through the evening or even the pre-prom activities! I suggest, walking around in the chosen shoes for a few weeks before the event. Plus, purchasing running shoes or flats to change into part way through the evening will ensure a fun and comfortable evening for your daughter.

Good luck, moms!

What style of prom dress would you like to see your daughter in? 

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