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It’s hard for me to believe that in just a few short weeks, I have will have one child in preschool and one in kindergarten! I’m not sure how this happened… anyone else with me?! They have both become independent individuals with their own savvy and sassy sides. And with those personalities, they have also developed their own unique styles. Sending them off on their first day of school will be a busy morning with emotions flying left, right, and center, so to alleviate some of the pressure, we picked out their first day of school outfits in advance!

First Day of Kindergarten Outfit Ideas

Matching their clothes to their style

We have a constant struggle in our house about matching clothes — wearing what I picked out for them to wear vs. what they actually want to wear. My younger daughter always wants to wear my sons clothes! Ice Cream Castles has saved us! A line of unisex mix-and-match clothing that both my kids love, I know that they will be feeling comfortable, confident and like themselves on their first day of school.

Adding a bit of style imagination

My kids will be entering school programs that will be filled with play and creativity. They will use their imagination all day long and they will have fun while they learn! They both have such big imaginations and are so playful and fun, so getting to work that into their everyday school looks is such a bonus. Going to the store and buying what I think is in fashion isn’t quite enough of a reason for my children to wear what I have purchased for them. Whether moms like it or not, our children’s interests end up dictating what we buy for them, which in my home typically results in superhero clothing from head to toe! So in order to include other “mom-approved” clothing into their wardrobe, I need to get creative on a regular shopping excursion! As I pull the clothes out of the bag, I need to build up excitement and create a story about why what I bought is the best outfit ever. It’s not always an easy task!

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Ice Cream Castles came to life through a playful imaginative story of young children. Each season of clothing is created around a new mythical adventure. When I showed by kids the clothing for their first day of school, I shared with them the story of the little girls and boys discovering life, music and love on the beaches. When they heard the story and saw the clothes, they were sold and so was I!

Ice Cream Castles - Fall Fashion

I love this Album Island Sweatshirt for Jonah as he loves music! Every time he pulls it out, he asks me to share with him the story of the boys on the beach. While it is perfect for Jonah’s style, I have no doubt that it will get passed down to Addi when he is done with it, such a great feature about a unisex clothing line for kids.

The Pirates Boom Leggings are comfortable and are easy to match with everything else in the line. What 4-year-old doesn’t want to be a pirate? Check out the rest of the line from Ice Cream Castles before the next mythical adventure, Galactic Glamping, comes out in fall!
Preschool Style for Girls

Addison, like most girls, has her own opinion about everything she wears… and I mean everything! When she decides she isn’t wearing something, there is little no chance that it will ever be worn again, so I am always cautious about what I buy her. After a summer spent in the water, the Shell Print Tee has her name all over it! She also loves the matching Shell Print Leggings in addition to the tee to make the outfit complete.

“Twinkle, Twinkle” is a favorite of hers, so I knew we couldn’t go wrong with the Wave and Star Leggings. When you find something you love, you want to buy it on repeat. Am I right? The versatility of the line is incredible, making the Shell Print Legging and the Wave and Star Tee a contender outfit for the second day of preschool.

Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

I have so many mixed emotions about sending Addison to a preschool program. I know that it will be incredible for her and considering the little social being that she is, she is going to soar, but I’m going to miss her! She will be in a program voicing her own opinion standing on her own two feet without me behind her. Shoes are the way to Addison’s heart, so when she walks through the doors on the first day of school, I want her in shoes that her teachers won’t miss, because the second they mention them, she will be off and running!

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Minnetonka and Free Range Mama came together this summer to collaborate on a line of moccasins. With the release of three pairs sized from infant to preschool (0 – 3), they have added color and a sense of imagination making them even more loved by children. Love One Another celebrates individuality, Sail Into the Mystic is inspired by the world of make believe, and We are Family celebrates the 70th anniversary of Minnetonka. For Addison, Sail into the Mystic was the perfect to go with her style and the imaginative line from Ice Cream Castles.

Love One Another - Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

Love One Another – Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

Sail Into The Mystic - Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

Sail Into The Mystic – Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

We Are Family - Minnetonka x Free Range Mama

We Are Family – Minnetonka x Free Range Mama






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