Why a portable generator helps with our family's peace of mind

Why a portable generator helps with peace of mind

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Spring might be on the horizon. I’ve heard it even arrived in certain parts of the country, but Michigan still lurks in the in-between season we seem to see so often. It might be sixty and sunny on Tuesday and dumping five inches of snow on us on Thursday. Our suburban neighborhood boasts many things — gorgeous maples and looming pines, common areas and proximity to our schools — but it still operates on electricity supplied by above-the-ground power lines.

Spring weather brings uncertainty

Spring snow has its fans because, truthfully, it can be gorgeous. However, many of us dread it, and not just because we’re so utterly sick of boots and scarves. With warmer temperatures than the middle of winter, March snowfalls often bring heavy, wet snow. That spells disaster for power lines, especially when paired with the high winds customary at this time of year.  Power outages might seem like they’d be more common in the dead of winter when blizzards are the norm here, but we see them more often in the in-between seasons of spring and fall.

generators for power outages

Why a portable generator brings our family peace of mind

I remember the power going out as a child, and something about it felt a little exciting. Taking a flashlight into the bathroom to brush our teeth before bed didn’t seem like an inconvenience — not really. Now, though, I understand how much more there is to power outages than lights and device charging stations. Losing power means losing heat, losing Internet connections — which is a pain when you work from home — and losing power to big appliances. A portable generator means we can alternate power to large appliances.

How we use a generator during power outages

Don’t tell the kids, but our main concerns during power outages don’t focus on charging our favorite devices. We tap into generator power for that, too, of course, but we concentrate on other areas of the house. We own two refrigerators, which means two freezers full of food we don’t want to defrost. One of the best tips I’ve learned over the years to keep food safe is to keep the freezer doors closed, but we still hook up the appliances to the generator to keep things frozen — and safe to eat.

Our other main focus, especially in the spring, lurks in the basement. Unglamorous, I know, but we always make sure to keep power going to the sump pump when we lose power in the spring. The wet ground means the sump pump works overtime during storms, and we have way too many sentimental things stored in the basement to see it flood.


The benefits of the Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

Champion Dual Fuel Portable Generators use gas or propane straight out of the box. They include a patented fuel selector switch to ensure safe operation on either fuel. Standard run times start at 8 hours on a full take on gasoline or up to 10.5 hours on a full 5 gallon/20# propane tank at 50% load. The Dual Fuel Portable Generator can be started with either easy pull recoil start or push-button electric start (battery included) on select models.

We appreciate the ability to use either type of fuel in our generator. Between other gas-powered appliances (snowblower and lawnmower) and our gas grill, we’re sure to have fuel for the generator, even if we end up having to use it more than 8-10 hours. (We generally don’t run it for a full 8 hours at a time.) If you’re not sure you’re interested in a duel fuel version, Champion has an online tool that helps you find the right generator for your family.

Additional features we like about our Champion Generator

Admittedly, I don’t have a ton of mechanical expertise when it comes to small motor appliances. However, I have a great deal of experience with lugging around more than I need and more than I can carry. I love the wheels on the generator. They’re hard, which means they’ll easily drag across the uneven concrete path on the side of our home without missing a beat and don’t get hung up on small obstructions — like sticks — we can’t see in the dark. I also appreciate the noise level of the generator. Nothing supplying that amount of power can be silent, but I don’t feel like the noise level is prohibitive or overly disturbing, which is important in a neighborhood. Overall, it’s a fantastic generator for home use. We may even take it with us camping this summer!

Do you have a portable generator for power backup at home?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Champion Power Equipment. All opinions are my own. 

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