Passover Finds To Make This Year’s Seder Memorable

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Like all Jewish holidays, my fondest memories of childhood Passover celebrations are surrounded by a really large eating fest. However, Passover is the biggest of them all though. My mother sometimes had over 30 people in the house for this holiday. I remember having to set the tables. Can you imagine? It was awesome though because there were always beautiful heirloom pieces mixed with those handmade items we made at school.

Why not mix heirloom with kids stuff in your home? I thought I’d share a few of them with you, so you can look into getting some new things for your Passover Seder this year.

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* Passover Tapers 100% Beeswax candles that bring a beautiful rustic
* 1 of 10 beautiful centerpiece suggestions at the The Jewish Hostess
* Make a Passover Seder Plate with the kids.
* This beautiful etched Elijah cup is sure to make any table feel even more elegant.
* This beautiful Raw Silk Applique’d Matzah and Afikomen Cover would certainly become a heirloom piece
* This gorgeous Fused Glass Seder Plate come straight from Israel, and would certainly stand out on any Passover table
* Speaking of Seder plate this Soft Seder Plate for the kids is super cute
* How cute is this Baby’s 1st Passover onesie?
* Since we’re required to get tipsy on Passover these Passover Wine Charms will stop the where’s my wine confusion.
* Get the man or boy in your family this cute Frog Kippah
* How cool is this Foldable Seder Plate?
* I will definitely be making this Matzo House
* I’m thinking of getting my mom this 10 Plagues Table Runner
* This beautiful Pickard Seder Plate at Williams Sonoma reminds me of my grandmother’s Seder plate
* You never have to worry about the Matzo crumbs on your tablecloth if the tablecloth looks like a Piece of Matzo

What items have you found for Passover that you can share with us? Do you have any fond memories of Passover to share?

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