Pack-n-Sack Pals: Kids’ travel backpack

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Pack-n-Sack Pals Travel BackpacksTravel backpacks for tweens!

We have been on the hunt for a larger travel backpack for our kids. Some of us have children that have outgrown the cute little animal rolling suitcases and as our kids get older they also start to have their own personal things (iPad, headphones, books, etc.) they want to bring with them on their travels. These pre-tween kids are past the sippy cups, snacks and stuffed monkeys. So when I spotted these backpacks at the ABC Kids Expo, they stopped me in my tracks! They were large and glittery and I had to know what they were. They are called Pack-n-Sack Pals and they are the coolest and most stylish travel backpack for kids.

Each one of these backpacks comes with a travel pillow and blanket inside. These are great for car rides, planes, trains, sleepovers or when the kids head off to camp in the summertime.  You can also remove the blanket and pillow to allow room for clothing and shoes.

There are four cool characters to choose from: Blossom, Bones, Twinky and Wrapped.
They retail for $125.00.

Pack-n-Sack Pals Blossom Pack-n-Sack Pals Bones Pack-n-Sack Pals Twinkie Pack-n-Sack Pals Wrapped

Pack-n-Sack Pals are made by the company Warm Milk, which also makes stylish diaper bags for nursing moms. You should check those out too!

Which Pack-n-Sack Pal do you like best?

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