New Minted Clothing Labels

New Minted clothing labels keep you out of the school lost and found

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With three school-aged kids, I do a lot of digging through the school lost and found… and I’m always so surprised at what I find in there as I’m searching for stuff that belongs to my own kids — lunchboxes, water bottles, hats, gloves, shoes? School is like a black hole for kids’ clothing and gear and if you’re not keeping a daily tally of everything they take with them each day (um, I’m certainly not!), then things are sure to go missing from time to time.

New Minted clothing labels save the day

The new Minted clothing labels and their already popular name labels are going to keep moms out of the lost and found, once and for all. The labels can withstand the dishwasher and washing machine without skipping a beat, plus, they’re waterproof and non-toxic. And, just like everything else we love about Minted products, they’re designed by independent artists, giving them as much personality as your kiddos.

Water bottle labels for kids

We literally stick these on everything in our house. I would probably stick them on my actual children, if I could find a way to do so. For gear like water bottles and lunchboxes, which seem to go missing at least once a month, the labels are a lifesaver. And, considering there’s at least one other child in each of their classes with the same items, just making sure that they know which blue water bottle is theirs gives both of us a lot of peace of mind.

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I couldn’t wait to see how the new clothing labels worked and was so impressed. They are the perfect mini-size to fit on the labels of their clothes and I can certainly see how they will stay on for the entire school year. I loved that you can add your phone number or just keep their name on the labels for easy identification around school. And, of course, getting to personalize them for each child was a hit.

Labels for every age

What I love most of all about the Minted labels is that there is something to cover every age group in our house. My youngest is in 1st grade, so he still thinks its cool to have a big old alien sticker on his gear. My middle child, who is nearly 9-years-old, had quite the opinion about the labels she wanted to use and Minted had a ton of options for her to choose from that were a great fit for her personal style.

New Minted Clothing Labels

And, then, there’s the middle schooler. I’m most concerned about her clothes going missing at school this year for a couple of reasons: First, her clothes are quite expensive now that she’s older, so when a coat disappears, it’s a huge hit. Also, now that’s she’s in middle school, I can’t go riffling through the lost and found like I did when she was in elementary school. It’s her responsibility to keep track of her school gear — including all of her gym gear — and I can’t bail her out when things go missing. At least knowing that her name is somewhere on her coats, backpack, gym shoes, and water bottles gives me peace of mind that if it does get misplaced, it has a chance of finding its way back to her.

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This post is sponsored by Minted. All opinions are my own, as always.

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