My heart hurts…

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I am struggling, it’s 9:54pm on may 31st and I am desperately trying so hard to find some source of inspiration for a bright and shiny summer post to kick off the month of June!

So I give up.  I feel empty and my heart hurts.

I never write about my feelings,  I don’t think this  is the place for it.  But maybe it’s time, time to put down my Savvy Sassy shield and let you in.  Because frankly, I could give a shit about summer camps and flip flops right now.

Not even a mention on the Huffington Post got me excited, something that would usually have me feeling pretty damn good about myself.  Nothing makes me happier than feeling  successful, smart and stylish.  It’s what I want more than anything.  Instead I sit here sobbing because I cannot find the strength to pull it together to write a Savvy Sassy post that is filled with shiny adjectives and lots of exclamation marks.

What I feel good about and what makes me happy is not going to happen tonight and probably not tomorrow.

It has only been a few weeks since my Dads tragic accident and I have thought about it everyday.  I came back and jumped right back into the swing of things, my mind was busy.  It felt good.  Today it does not feel so good.

I am writing this in hopes that it will release a liitle of the pressure and clue you in on what what is going on.  I’m sure I’l get back to “How to pack a Savvy Sassy Beach bag!”  but not tonight.

I”m sorry if you came here in search of where to get a stylish  summer swimsuit and you stumbled upon this.

I hope to find a way back soon, please wait for me.


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  1. I’m sorry about your father. It’s ok to be sad and healthy to get your feelings out. Just know that your savvy sassy ways will come back. You’re too happy a person to let this keep you down permanently. And think about how your dad would want you to be… That’s what helps me thinking positive on days when I’m really hurting and missing my dad 🙂

  2. I’ll be here whenever you get your blogging mojo back but until then, take some time and know I’m thinking about you and sending virtual hugs!

  3. My heart hurts for you!!! Love you sooooooo much!! mom

  4. I love you. I’m sorry. I wish I could hug you and we could just cry together.
    We’re always here when you need us.

  5. Oh Sweetie-
    I know too well how you are feeling.

    This is what makes you real.
    This is what makes you feel.
    This is what will help you heal.

    You will pass through the stages of mourning several times. Go with it.

  6. So glad you opened the spigot. Let it out and let your fans help hold you your hand through it. xoxo

  7. Go through you grieving process. It’s necessary and it’s real. However (when you’re ready), use your loss as your inspiration to write. Take the memories and write about them to keep him alive in your heart and to allow others the same beautiful memories with their own families. Like camping…write what you remember but make it Savvy Sassy unique. Don’t hide your pain or try to pretend it’s not there. It’s going to be in the forefront for quite some time. Just turn it into something that opens up a new avenue of inspirational writing. Your loss is always going to be a loss, but it can be so much more than that too. I’m sorry you are hurting.

  8. I’m so sorry for your untimely loss. Take a deep breath. In time, bit by bit, the sunshine will return.

  9. I just saw this post, I’ve been out of the loop of my regular reading. We’re all still here. I hope that you are finding better days now. Although I’m sure these recent months since your Dad’s death will ebb and flow with emotion. Big virtual hug coming your way!

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