Mommy Mixology – Cocktails for Surviving Motherhood

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Motherhood is a big job. It requires patience, perseverance and sometimes…a cocktail.

We are loving the concept behind this book, Mommy Mixology by Janet Frongillo – from it’s clever play on words to it’s empathetic stance that motherhood is no walk in the park, this book belongs on the shelf of those who enjoy sipping on a little cocktail from time to time. ¬†While you sip on the Colicky Cocktail Cider after a long bout with that poor little one in your home you can enjoy the stories of someone who knows where you’ve been.

Personally, as a mother to three, two of which are twins, this book is a breath of fresh air. I’m not one to drown my sorrows in the bottle but I do often tackle challenge with humor and adding an equally humorous cocktail in the mix just brightens up the day that much more. I could easily see myself having a Cosmopotty in the very near future since I will be enduring the challenges that potty training twins will entail – that will no doubt mean a drink is in order…just sayin’.

We love bringing fresh and new products and we couldn’t pass up sharing this lively little book. It would make a great gift for a new mother or something to carry you through a particularly tough period in your child’s life…say potty training or sleepless nights….or those dreaded teen years.

Just remember to enjoy responsibly. {wink}

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