Mom 2.0 Summit!

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All I want for Christmas is my Mom 2.0
Dear Santa,
I don’t usually ask for much but I have heard many amazing things about The Mom 2.0 Summit and would be thrilled to wake up Christmas morning and find it under my tree.  I have been very good Mom all year long (well ok so I slipped up a few times) but I usually am a Super Mom.  This gift is not just for me, but for all the Savvy Sassy Readers out there.  I believe  this is just what I need to start off a Successful New Year!
I hope you can come through big guy!   Love,  Andrea

 Just look at what is store for those that attend…

The Professional Path.
Each panel discussion in this path will revolve around hot topics, growth trends, and new ideas to enhance your network, your brand, and your professional online presence.

The Product Path.
Each gathering in this path will focus on your online product. We’ll discuss new ways to further develop and enhance your site’s platform, functionality, structure, and optimization.

The Personal Path.
This path will cover a variety of ways to develop your personal passions and to enhance your work as a content creator, a documentarian, a mother, and a community leader.

I cannot afford to miss this!

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Andrea is a Mom who hasn't lost her style to motherhood. Andrea loves social media and works on a variety of social media campaigns with brands big and small. Connect with Savvy Sassy Moms on Instagram

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  2. You gonna ask for a babysitter for those days, too?




    Good thing your husband is so incredibly supportive.


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