Meet Walcoal’s Red Carpet Strapless Bra

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This bra is perfect for all your holiday dresses and then some


Tis the season, to slip on your fav party dress and hope that the last few nights of binge holiday eating didn’t take it’s toll on your figure. While most of us pay significant attention to out waistline-cinching undergarments when dressing to the nines, it’s important not forget our dear friend the bra. Believe it or not, a good bra can make or break an outfit and can be just as important in making you feel sleek, feminine and all around hot.

Meet Walcoal’s Red Carpet Strapless Bra. This is literally the workhorse of bras – but it’s not bulky like other ones we’ve seen before. The shape is sleek and the material is lightweight. No matter what you’re wearing – a plunging neckline, an off the shoulder number, a strapless top or a form fitting little black dress, this bra works with you to conform to the night’s specific needs.  And, my fellow moms will love the little bit of lift the bra gives – in all the right places.

Moms, what beauty products do you use to complete your holiday look?

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