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My holiday party secret weapon: Keurig Kold

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Now that Halloween is behind us (although, my kids’ candy still seems to be lurking around!), I can get my thoughts around planning for the holidays. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not busting out the Christmas lights anytime soon. But, doing some thinking ahead early in November makes for a much more enjoyable holiday season… at least for me!

This year, we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house and, to be honest, it’s making my head spin. What started out as a small family dinner has turned into quite the party! We’ll be filling our house with 20 family members, a couple of turkeys, more mashed potatoes than will probably fit in my biggest pot and tons of cold drinks to sip on as we visit, catch-up, eat and celebrate.

New Keurig Kold Makes Coke at Home

Cold holiday drinks? Check!

While I still have a ton of list- making, meal planning and grocery shopping to do before the holiday, with the Keurig Kold as my holiday party secret weapon, I know that I have one less thing that I need to worry about.

I’ve already stocked up on Coke and Diet Coke pods, which come ready-to-go to make fresh, carbonated drinks. On Thanksgiving day, I’ll have a little Keurig Kold station in my kitchen where guests can simply DIY their own cold Coke using the machine. I love that it’s simple enough to use that I don’t have to train each guest to use it. I simple reminder note next to the Keurig to remove the foil tab on the bottom of the pod is really all they’ll need to make their own drink! And, letting our guests help themselves to a Coke or Diet Coke on Thanksgiving will allow me to focus on making sure I get the stuffing just right (nothing worse than soggy stuffing!) and the green beans bubbling in the oven so that we can enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner as a family.

Try the NEW Keurig Kold

Everything you already love about Keurig

If you’re already a Keurig user and lover, which so many of us are for our hot drinks and coffees, you’ll be so impressed with the Keurig Kold — it’s everything you love about your Keurig, just in a cooled down version. I was immediately impressed with the Keurig Kold as soon as I got it out of the box. It looks sleek and modern, which I loved since I knew that I would have it on my kitchen counter for Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.

Operating the Keurig Kold is just as simple and easy as you would expect. Follow the directions and start with getting the machine chilled — it takes about two-hours the first time you do it, so you’ll want to plan ahead. Once it’s ready, use the special Prime and Care Pod (included) to prep your machine and then you’re ready to start pumping out the ice cold Cokes!

The first time I used it, I was so suprised at how fresh and bubbly the Coke tasted from my Keurig Kold! I wasn’t expecting that a machine that made Coke at home would be able to produce a drink that was as good as a Coke out of the can (my favorite way to drink it!)… if not better.

How to make Coke at home with the Keurig Kold

Here’s to the afternoon Coke drinkers

I must confess, while I’m excited about using the Keurig Kold during the holidays, I’m also secretly loving that it’s here for when those 3 p.m. caffeine cravings hit. Like many moms I know, I occasionally indulge in a Coke or Diet Coke as an afternoon pick-me-up… I’ve even been known to make a quick fast food drive-thru run before I grab my kids at school, just to get one! Having a Keurig Kold and pods is a total game changer. I love that I can make a quick Coke to combat the afternoon slump and that it’s the perfect size portion at 8-ounces, rather than a crazy fast food joint sized drink that I don’t typically even drink half of.

What do you think about the Keurig Kold?


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