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Hot Mama Gowns LrgYou have carried that baby for 9 whole months, the day comes and it is almost as exciting as your wedding day!  And on your wedding day you wore a beautiful white long beaded gown, and you searched for months to find the perfect one.  Pictures were taken and you look back on “YOUR” day like you were a princess!

So now you are about to have a BABY come out of your belly, a BABY, a tiny person!  And you’re going to let them just hand you a plain, generic hospital gown?  Are you crazy, you certainly didn’t just let someone hand you a plain white dress on your wedding day!   A  BABY just came out of your Belly!  There will be pictures!  Although you may feel like hell, you don’t want to look like hell.

I look back on my hospital days with my beautiful new baby and I hang my head in shame!  I just spent months carrying a baby and hours pushing it out.  I think I deserved a HOT MAMA GOWN!  I could have done without the cards, flowers and balloons, instead someone could have brought me something better to wear!  All my family and friends came to see the new baby and I am laying there in a ugly hospital gown, I wasn’t sick, I was a brand new MOM! 

I carefully picked out the baby’s “take me home outfit” and I even layed out my husbands outfit, so when we looked back on pictures he looked like a hip new dad (that matched).   How did I not plan on what I would be wearing?   I need a do-over! I may have to get pregnant just so I can wear a Hot Mama Gown!

Be the friend, sister, or mom that gets the Mom-To-Be a Hot Mama Gown, let someone else buy the diaper genie, butt rash cream or breast pump.   I think their should be something on the Baby registry for the woman who is actually having the baby!  I am certain the Hot Mama Gown will be the one gift she looks back on and be glad she had.  She can even wear it again for the next little muffin that pops out of the oven!

The Hot Mama alternative to the generic hospital gown”

HMG WhiteHMG YellowHMG Pink

100%  Organic Cotton
Made in the U.S.A.
Full Snap down back to keep moms assests covered
Two ribbon tied panels for quick, easy, and discret nursing
Created by a Savvy Sassy Mom!

Enter “SAVVYBUMP” at the checkout and receive 20% off

Hot Mama Gowns


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  1. I LOVE IT!!! Andrea, you had me grinning, laughing out loud and nodding my head in agreement!! Thank YOU so much for introducing HotMamaGowns to your Savvy Sassy readers!! Your comparison between the two most important events in a woman’s life was INCREDIBLE!! So, so true. Heck, I wasn’t even savvy enough to make that awesome connection…and I AM The Hot Mama!! Thanks again for such a sassy, honest, and passionate feature!! So, when can I expect to ship your gown out…hmmmmmm?!!!

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  3. I wished back when I had a hot mama outfit because it was the best days of my life!!! Debbie

  4. I had 2 gowns for the birth of my daughter in September…and they were absoolutely FABULOUS!!!! I kept them in case I have to ever go in the hospital again (not for a baby cause we are done, but just in case Im ever in there again). 🙂


  5. I think that’s a great idea! My baby days are long past, but I’ll keep this in mind for the next grandchild.

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  7. I can’t wait to get my HMG! Just have to get pregnant of course!!

  8. I so agree with you although, my sister gave me light blue flannel maternity pajamas with cows all over them and that suited me just fine!

  9. What a fantastic idea! I wish I knew of these when I had my two children. I looked AWFUL with a capital A in my hospital pictures. Just stopped by from MBC- Aspiring writers!

  10. Oh…I really love it! I think I will add it to my baby registry…with my shower coming up in a couple of weeks..i think someone will find this a fun gift to buy. Thx

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