Holiday Gifts for Pets

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   The Pampered Pet:
Don’t forget about Whiskers and Bruno, pets are part of the family too!   For every online baby boutique their seems to be an online pet boutique.  Cats and Dogs have become trendy little creatures, with glamourous leashes and collars sparkling with bling.  They are being pampered with plush blankets and toys to personalized pet bowls and beds.  
Three Dogs Bakery makes organic, wheat free, all natural pet food and even has a “Bone of the Month Club”, which sends out a box of different treats each month.  They also have plenty of holiday treats like the  Sweet Potato “Woofers”, Snickerdoodles, and a variety of gift sets for all your furry little friends.   So what do you buy your for your friends with pets and their four legged children? Savvy Sassy Suggests…


iStyle Originals  ipoop. uscoop.    

Harry Barker Beds


Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Bulb with Treat Spot

Harry Barker Dog Food Containers

  Pet Food Can Covers

Travel Bowls – FetchDog

Cat Scratcher

Pup Pie

Lock & Key Cat Collar

Catnip Gift Box

The Pampered Pet Holiday Giveaway!

1.  Are you a Dog Lover or Cat Lover?
2.  Please visit  iStyleoriginals and tell me which Doggiewear shirt you like the best!

Extra Entries:

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4.  Give iStyleoriginals on Facebook
 Don’t forget to Scoop your Poop!

 * This Contest ends December 10th at 11:59 pm PST
** This contest is open to US Residents only

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  1. I like the I Bark t-shirt in a large for my dog Buster. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Our Miniature Pincher/Dachshund mix Needs iChew, because his name is Chewbacca!

  3. I love both dogs and cats, I have one of each. The shirt I like best is the ibitch. shirt


  4. I like the iBark shirt, size small. My Chinese Crested has to wear clothes to stay warm and this would be a great win for him. Thanks!

  5. We have a dog about 20 lbs (large?) and she wants iPaw’d

  6. i like the ipoop. u scoop the best its so funny. My dog is a major poop machine and it fits him just right. I love it.

  7. They are all so cute, and “Copper” could truthfully sport almost all of them, but have to choose the Large size iChew! Sometimes I’m sure he thinks he must be a goat – or Marley from the movie! He’s a mess but we love him dearly!!!

  8. Love the iBark…I am a big dog lover! BIG!
    I am now a follower and Like’er of iStyleoriginals!
    Cute stuff!!

  9. I am a dog lover 😀 I love the ipoop uscoop shirt it’s adorable!!

  10. I haven’t got a dog, but my sister does and she lets me spoiler her 🙂
    Zoe would look so cute in the iBitch shirt. She thinks she rules the roost!

  11. I love “i Chew” cause my Shih Tzu puppy chews everything he can find!

  12. both! but dogs are my favorite 🙂 i have a dog, and my boyfriend has a cat!
    i like the iPoop uScoop shirt!
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  13. iStyle twitter follower @xbeautifulcoma
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  14. I like the i poop u scoop but that iPaw’d is hilarious too!

  15. I forgot to say I am a dog lover! Nothing personal against cats but they always look at me like they are saying I am going to rip your liver out.

  16. I am an all-around animal lover. Currently, I have one dog and three cats. I like the I poop, u scoop tee (medium).

  17. I love dogs, cats and ferrets. My favorite pet is my dog Daphne.
    On istyle, I like the ipawd and ibark t-shirts.

  18. I love dogs. But I’m also a cat person too 🙂

    I like the iBark shirt from the site. cute !

  19. I am an animal lover, I love all animals, but I think I like dogs just slightly more than cats, :). Also, I like the Ibark shirt, because I swear my dog just likes to hear himself bark, ha 🙂

  20. Definitely a dog lover! I’d like the iPaw’d shirt for my chihuahua.

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  22. I always make sure that I have presents for my dog every holiday. Thanks for sharing those ideal gifts for pets. I like the iStyle Originals for my pet dog.

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