Halloween Decorations

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These “Vampire Bites” tags are made by The Crafty Pagan on Etsy and I have to say these make for one classy Halloween Party! Fill the  jar with black licorice , black & purple jelly beans, or Orange Hershey Kisses and they make for some stylish table decoration or pop the jars open for everyone to enjoy.  You could even tie these around little treat bags for people to take home.  Set of 10 for $7.95


“Go ahead eat it – I dare you!” vintage cupcake toppers, why notdecorate the food!  I love these, stick them in cupcakes, brownies, mini sandwiches or any appetizer.  These will add a classy yet festive touch to the food without the orange and purple frosting.   This is the correct way to entice people to eat, I mean, no one really wants to touch the food that is suppose to resemble a spider or someone’s bloody finger, eeeww!  Set of 12 for $18.20

The Crafty Pagan’s “Witch’s Brew” vintage wine labels are a must for any adult Halloween Party!  These gothic style stickers just go right over the original wine label, simple enough!  She also makes labels that read Vampires Blood, Dragons Blood and Love Potion.  These labels can attach to non-alcoholic bottles just fill with purple kool-aid or any dark soda will do!   Set of 6 for $7.65

**Quick you MUST order before October 13th for delivery by Halloween!!
(the crafty pagan lives in London)

The Crafty Pagan

Go take a look at all her vintage items…I dare you!

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