Great books to read to your child during a pandemic

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Reading is dreaming with your eyes open! I absolutely love books. They transport you to a new place at a different time, they take you through a magical experience and they teach you something every time you open a book! You can never have too many books…especially during a pandemic. While we all do our best talk to our kids and explain what is happening in the world around them, I always find it helps to use books to get the messages across in a different way. I recently came across some new books that are great books to read to your child during a pandemic.

Little James’ Big Adventures: Australia

In today’s day and age where travelling is a thing of the past and hopefully the future, teaching our children about other places in the world is essential! Janine Iannelli shares all of Little James’ Big Adventures as he travels around the world sharing his experience. James and his younger sister Susie go on adventures together around the world with the help of their magic snow globe.

During their travels they learn about other cultures and what life is like in different places. In each book they explore a different country where they learn new phrases, see famous landmarks and cities and taste new foods. This fun and exciting story takes each child on an educational adventure with characters they grow to love. We love Little James’ Big Adventure: Australia, but we can’t wait to read out their trip to Italy. There’s no time like the present to learn about other cultures and cities while making your travel bucket list for the future! I highly recommend this book for a good read and experience!

Time to Come in Bear

When it comes to this crazy time of a global pandemic, there is a lot to learn and teach to our kids. We are living a life that feels completely out of anything nearing the realm of normal. This is challenging for us to understand and adapt to, so it is even more challenging for our children. I find that reading books is a great way to explain this new normal. Time to Come In, Bear is a great book that will help any child understand social distancing. This book will amaze you in how it touches on all the worries kids have right now and you will feel grateful to have it to read to your children. Let’s be honest, any help we can get explaining this craziness to our children is welcomed! Make sure you check out the videos as well as

What’s The Thing with Quarantine?

This book written by Jack & Age is another one you and your kids will love! While it explains why quarantining is important and why we need to stay home, What’s The Thing with Quarantine? also shares lots of fun ideas of what to do at home! This book will speak to you as a parent, especially one who has become a full time teacher, full time chef to small people and a full time entertainer! I loved this book right from the dedication page where this book is dedicated to “all the unsuspecting parents who have quickly become home-school teachers, full-time entertainers, pandemic-explainers, and day drinkers. May this book bring you a few minutes break from trying to maintain some semblance of sanity in your home.” Thank you Jack & Age for completely getting it!

What are some amazing books you have read to you kids lately?

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