Girlfriends and the Little Black Dress

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There are two things all Savvy-Sassy Moms should have – girlfriends and a little black dress.  Both are essential elements to a woman’s overall well being. A healthy diet and exercise keeps us heart healthy in the physical sense, but solid friendships and quality time with those friends make for healthy heart in the emotional sense.  In addition to nurturing our friendships, we need to nurture the pretty. Nurture the sassy within us. A great way to do that, add a little black dress into the wardrobe and commit to putting it to good use.

Choosing the Little Black Dress

  • Choose carefully. Consider your body type and choose a cut that flatters your body style. There really is a little black dress for everyone.
  • Timeless not trendy. Find a style that is timeless making it an investment piece that can be used season after season.
  • Quality.  Choose a piece that will last. Spend a little more money on a dress made from quality fabric so it is lasting addition to your wardrobe.


Stella Dot Collette Necklace

Spice up the Little Black Dress

  • Trendy Jewelry. Add a trendy piece of jewelry to that timeless little black dress. By adding a trendy piece you spice up your classic LBD to meet the trends of the season.
  • Statement Heels.  Pick up a pair of heels that add a pop of color or bling to your LBD. Hot pink stilettos or sparkle platform pumps add just enough spice to your ensemble to add some sassy to your mommy step.
  • Hot Hair. Break out the hot rollers for cascading waves. Heat up the flat iron to change up your curly tendrils. Tease up the crown and sweep your hair into a fun pony. Do something different than your norm to add more fun to your total LBD package.

Get with your Girlfriends

You’ve got the little black dress ensemble fixed up so make plans for your group to have a night out. You know those statement heels and trendy jewelry picked up from that fabulous trunk show are not being put to good use unless you commit to making it happen. One way to do that (besides date night with your partner in life) is to get together with your Girlfriends.

  • Dress up and go out for a night on the town.
  • Host a cocktail party where LBD’s are the required dress for the evening.
  • Go big and plan a weekend girl’s only cruise to put those sassy ensembles to good use.

We’re Moms and often we can get lost in that role and forget to take time to nurture our personal well-being. One-way to give your inner as well as out self a healthy boost is to pair the little black dress with girl time. So set a date, spruce up that little black dress and enjoy a night with other Moms who no doubt need the boost as much as you do.

~Nicole at Moments That Define Life

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  1. So true! Thanks for the reminder that we don’t need a special occasion to feel like a million bucks!

  2. Totally! We need to feel special more often and get out with the girls! This is a great reminder that our girlfriend relationships need to be nurtured and dressing up makes you feel good!

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