The Best Rain Boots for Kids

Editor picks: Girl shoes we love for fall

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School is in full swing now and so is fall. And, if your kids are like mine, they’ve already practically run those brand-new back-to-school shoes down to the bones with some serious playground and recess time in the past month!

As we look ahead to fall — and I mean the real fall, the one with rain and wind and puddles to jump in — take a peek at some my favorite picks for girl shoes for the new season to keep her dry and warm, while still holding on tight to her personal style.

Rain, rain, is here to stay

It might not be raining yet where you live, but have no fear, it’s on the way. Since we call the rainy Pacific Northwest home, having rain boots is essential. Trust me when I say that over my 12-years of parenting, my kids have owned practically every brand and style of rain boots available.

The Best Rain Boots for Kids

Kamik was a new brand for us and I was impressed with them the moment I pulled them out of the box. These boots are made for some serious puddle jumping! They’re heavy-duty, while still being flexible enough to run and play in and both my daughter and I loved their slim, streamline fit — they didn’t feel bulky at all.

Kamik Rain Boots for Girls

I was a fan of the details of the Kamik boots, too. The leather stitched details at the top of the boots were a nice finishing touch that gave them a chic, stylish touch that I know will look adorable with her collection of dresses. Moms will also appreciate that their rain boots have a cushioned insole for a perfect fit every time and, of course, they’re 100% waterproof.

(Pictured: Kamik Pepper Rain Boots, $65)

Fall style at its best

My 9-year-old daughter has a style all of her own and I try hard to let her express herself with what she wears. That being said, we don’t always see eye-to-eye on what’s fun (for her) and practical (for me), especially when it comes to shoes.

The Most FUN and Colorful Shoes for GIrls

But, when you turn to a brand like PLAE Shoes, there’s no compromising needed. We’ve been wearing PLAE for years now — they were a lifesaver when our daughter needed extra support for her feet as a preschooler and now, as a busy school-aged girl, she keeps coming back to them and loving them.

For her, the selection of styles and colors is paramount in her love for this brand — can you blame her after seeing these crazy cool metallic purple high-tops? Beyond the way they look, she also loves the way they feel. It’s hard to find shoes with enough room in the toes that aren’t also clunky and chunky, but PLAE does it well. And, of course, having shoes with that super-easy Velcro on-and-off is a must. Who has time to tie shoes when you’re nine and on the go?

Fall Style for Girls

For me, PLAE always a favorite. I can testify to the fact that these shoes last forever… and a day. Your kids will grow out of them long, long before they are lifeless. I also appreciate that they open up so fully to get on — there’s nothing worse than finding shoes your kids love, that appear to be easy to put on, but that fall short of that ease. Lastly, I admit that I’m draw to the way they look, too. I’ll never complain about her wearing sneakers when she has a pair of PLAE shoes to grab from her closet!

(Pictured: PLAE Shoes Max Hi-Top, $65)

What are your girls wearing this fall?

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