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School is a huge part of our kids lives.  Making sure that they have everything they need, and deserve, is a big key player in being a mom.  When the decision was made to homeschool it was actually very easy for our family. Both my husband and I both had negative feedback when talking about our educational experiences. We just didn’t feel like the majority of our teachers A. Taught us well, and B. Gave a crap about the students. Neither of us wanted our children to ever have to look back on their educational experience and say I wish it would have been better.  So we took a huge step and decided to take our kids education into our own hands. Giving them the opportunity to learn in an environment where they’re individual needs are met every day.

Choosing to homeschool was painless, finding homeschool supplies easy, figuring out how we were going to fit it in financially took some time and a few trial and error moments.

Not everyone feels like they have the budget to Homeschool, but these very savvy websites have your pocketbooks in mind.
All of them are free, TOTALLY FREE.

Freely Educate  learning sources for all grade levels  where pre-school kids can learn phonics based reading

Spelling a place where learning how to spell doesn’t cause a melt down

Sheppard Software your kids will love playing learning on this website

Coloring Books Free print off hundreds of different coloring books

Sprocketworks a fun and interactive place for all ages to learn about science

GPB Education host of SALSA an online Spanish curriculum

Making sure your Homeschool year fits your budget should never be a question for you.  Using resources like these make sure you can continue homeschooling no matter what your financial status is.

Have you thought about Homeschooling?

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