Ford Flex Test Drive

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Price & Style
Those are the two things I care about when buying a car, period.

Sure I care about safety features and I look for other options like seating, DVD player, sunroof, how it drives, and navigation and I compare different models for over all value and shop around, but I wouldn’t call myslef a “car girl”.  I know just know what I like and I know what I don’t like.  I certainly don’t need the biggest vehicle on the raod, I don’t need a certain emblem on the hood, gas mileage doesn’t even matter to me (my husband and I both work from home).  Do I look under the hood – Nope.  I look at the aesthetics more than anything – I’m a visual person I can’t help it.

I look at the style in all directions, colors, dashboard and console style, leather interior color etc… a shiny wood panel that rubs me the wrong way could quite possibly be a deal breaker.  For example a certain crossover SUV on the road has too much of a round backside that I described as a “bubble butt” so it was off my list.   We almost didn’t buy my husbands Infiniti G37 because of the clock on the dashboard.

Which brings me to my next point, when we were shopping for my husbands car I had just as much input, if not a bit more.   I buy everything for him so why would shopping for a car  be any different?  I am way more stylish then him and he trusts my Savvy Sassy opinion.

Price, yup then it comes down to price, darn it!  What can we afford?  We crunch the numbers and then “We get what we get and we don’t get upset!”

Watch my video review of the New Ford Flex!

What’s the conclusion?
I really liked it!!  I had major Ford Flex withdrawls after they came and picked it up.  Then I kept seeing them on the road as if they were following me!  Every time I see one I think they are pretty sharp and I truly love their unique style.  We better go crunch the numbers….

After visiting Ford in Detroit Michigan I had a new found respect for the Ford Motor Company read about my experience Made in America

We also packed up the kids and drove to Las Vegas for a road trip in the Ford Flex visit Have Kids Still Travel for where to stay with kids in Las Vegas.



Disclosure:  I was given a Ford Flex to drive for 2 weeks that is all, nothing else was required from me.  All my statements and opinions are my own.

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  1. That;s a fun and funky lookin’ ride. : ) I couldn’t get your vid to load, boo! But yes, I agree with T, you are adorable.

  2. By European standards that is one substantial car, it reminds me of a cross between a Land Rover and a Limo.
    I noticed you reverse out of your driveway. In Ireland, it is illegal to reverse onto a public road or street. It does not mean it is not done of course !
    I enjoyed the Video, Anne

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