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When I was in high school I made the declaration that I wanted to be a red-head. My hairdresser told me it would be way too much processing for my hair. Instead I spent years wishing every time I met a red head that I had that hair too. Then, when I was 23 on a whim I bought red dye at the drugstore and 14 years later I STILL use that same hair dye. Well, that’s not true because last month I was introduced to eSalon, and I have walked away from my beloved drugstore color to the new revolution in at-home hair coloring.

eSalon Dyed Color

eSalon is the hair dressers worst nightmare. You can get your color exactly the way you like it, and do it yourself at home for 25% of what you pay the salon for. I dare you to prove me wrong. For $30ish you can get everything you need to color your hair in your own bathroom. The secret is in the fact that they have professionals who figure out what the color should be and they send it to your mailbox. Oh and shipping is super fast.

eSalon Desired Color

eSalon provides completely personalized hair color for home use. Each color is custom blended for you, just like in a salon, and made of high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients that leave your hair soft, shiny, and provide complete gray coverage. The personalized pigment even has your name on the bottle, because it’s made for you and no one else.

A few simple steps on-line asking you questions about your current color, and your desired color and you have told the professional colorist what to send you.

eSalon Verify & Continue

You can then send a picture of yourself in your current color, or desired color, to help them seal the deal on getting your color right.

eSalon package contents collage

The box shows up with everything you need and very detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

I loved eSalon so much I ditched my 14 year regular color and just ordered another round of eSalon at-home hair color. I used to have to buy 3 packages to do my thick hair,  but here I just need 1 package to cover everything I need. I actually wind up spending about the same I did before, and a professional colorist actually puts it together for me.

Disclaimer: I was provided with my 1st round of hair color for review. The above opinion is my own swayed only by my inner Fashionista.

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  1. Love your product, I get clean , full color every time, no more spots!

  2. i found my colour way to bright i wanted a stawberry blond ( for give my bad spelling)

  3. I asked for a medium golden brown and ended up with black hair. After speaking with them on the phone I was told to use a clarifying shampoo and my next shipment wouls be sent with a lighter color.
    The next one was only for the roots (what is the point of a lighter color – right?).
    Well, now my hair has a weird color combination. Dark brown on top (the color was lighter but not lighter enough like I originally asked), black middle and redish ends (the ends color is fading and turning red).
    Now I have to go to a salon to fix this mess. Worst experience.

  4. I tried eSalon colour and found it to be amazing! I sent in 4 photographs of my hair close up, inside and outside lighting and I was very detailed in my despcription about my hair and its colour and what I wanted. I found the colour they sent me to be perfect! To those of you who had problems, it does say in the instructions to test the colour on a strand of you hair first to see how it will turn out, and if you let them know if you have dye on your hair already etc etc then they will be specific in the instructions where you should colour first and how to apply the colour. eSalon is brilliant but it’s a professional service that you do have to take seriously, its not just like going into a store and picking a colour off the shelf, the more info, photos and detail you give them then the better they can tailor your hair colour and the proper application details for you. Also all the application details should be followed to the letter, I took mine all seriously and I applied the stain guard, did all the strand tests etc etc and the results of my hair colour were fantastic. There is hardly any smell and it is very easy to apply. So much better than the dye I bought from the stores and so much better than the hundred of ponds that I spent at salons over the years!

  5. I LOVE esalon! This color surpasses the organic hair color my hairdresser did for me for a year or two. Reds are HARD to keep and this is FANTASTIC so far. Minimal white show-through and really awesome coverage. Also, it does’t burn like the $8 stuff you get in the supermarket. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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