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Christmas table centerpiece from The DollarTree

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Dollar Tree Easy Centerpiece

Tis’ the season to be merry & bright

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With so much activity like shopping, baking, visiting friends and family and other jolly good things sometimes less is more — especially when it comes to your Christmas table centerpiece. My home is well known to be a Santa-riffic explosion of merriment, therefore for my table centerpiece I like to go super simple, no fuss and easy.
I recently headed to my local Dollar Tree, where everything costs a dollar (yes! a dollar!) and I loaded up on easy, inexpensive decorations to create 2 Christmas table centerpieces — an easy one that took less than 5 minutes and a more difficult one that took about an hour (or more I wasn’t counting).

Easy Christmas table centerpiece

The Dollar Tree is stocked full of really great finds, such as these glass candle holders. I simply picked up a few awesome shapes and sizes and filled them with these great Dollar Tree round ball ornaments, some of my favorite candies, a few Dollar Tree poinsettias and candy canes and voila! Perfection. And it’s foolproof! And best yet? This entire centerpiece cost only $15!

Dollar Tree Centerpiece Easy 1

It’s sparkly and colorful enough to be enjoyed, yet simple enough to not cause any stress. While I was creating this super easy centerpiece, I even imagined filling the glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree with other great things like tinsel, peppermints, cranberries and pine needles – the possibilities are endless.

Dollar Tree Centerpiece Easy Closeup


Crafting takes a plan, the right tools and some patience. None of which I have of course. I knew I wanted to create some sort of a Christmas tree shape out of these great Dollar Tree ball ornaments, so I set out to do so.

Dollar Tree Centerpiece Difficult

I have seen these tree ornament topiaries at stores that cost around $20 per piece. I knew I could create one of my own, from Dollar Tree products for waaaay less than that… and I was right! To create the Christmas tree ornament topiary you need a cone shaped base, loads of hot glue, Dollar tree plastic ball ornaments, and some patience.

Dollartree Centerpiece Difficult Steps

1. Create a cone-shaped base
If I were going to create this Christmas tree ornament topiary again, I would use a solid colored paper, like red.

2. Start hot gluing away
Apply loads of hot glue and hold the ornament in place for a few seconds

3. Take off the metal ornament topper and point the top inwards and down
I figured that step out about half way. If I were going to create this Christmas tree ornament topiary again, I would use just two ornament colors, like red and gold.

4. I wanted to add some more color, so I added the poinsettia leaves that I used as the “star” to fill in a few gaps where my base could be seen.

The holidays are a perfect opportunity to get as crafty as you would like and your local Dollar Tree is the perfect store to get all of your crafting supplies at a fraction of the cost.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Dollar Tree. All opinions are my own. 

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