Dancing with the Stars according to my Mom

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Last week my Mom was in town visiting from Minnesota, we hit up Disneyland and shopped until we dropped and then, she was finally able to experience one of my blogging benefits.  I was able to take her behind the scenes at Dancing with the Stars.  She is a DIE HARD FAN.  If there was a fan contest my Mom would be in the running for sure.   She loves it.

We didn’t get to actually watch the show from the audience but we were backstage in the press viewing area with all the entertainment reporters.  Which was actually pretty fun to hear all their commentary and my Moms.

My Mom didn’t really care where she watched the show, she was excited just to be in the same building as all the stars.   She was also shocked and star struck when Giles came walking in to say hello to all the press.  I thought I was going to have to hold her down.   And out of my Moms mouth comes,  “O.M.G. – what is he doing?  He is so good looking!”

We did not get any up close and personal interviews but my Mom did get to stand on the dance floor and see where all the hot dancing goes down.  She also got to see some of the stars as they were being interviewed after the show.

My Mom gets very excited to watch her favorites and the way she talks about them you’d think she was best friends with these people.  Here is my Mom’s Dancing with the Stars favorites, least favorites and this seasons predictions

Me:  How many years have you been watching DWTS?  How many shows have you missed?
Mom:  Since the first show aired.  None!!  I’ve watched all of them.

Me:  Who is your all time favorite star that has been on?
Andrea:  Apollo or Shawn Johnson

Me:  Who are you rooting for this season?
Mom:  Shawn Johnson

Me:  Who is the best looking guy on the show?
Andrea:  Max

Me:  Who is your favorite professional female dancer on the show.
Mom:   I loved that Julianne she was my favorite, but she’s not doing it anymore because she’s moved on to bigger things {sigh}.  And she’s dating Ryan Seacrest.  I like Cheryl Burke.

Me:  Who is your favorite judge?
Mom:  I like Len.  I think Bruno is just too silly.

Me:  Who do you not care for this year?
Mom:  I don’t care for Pamela Anderson or the cheetah girl, I don’t know what her name is.

Me:  Who do you think will win the Mirror Ball Trophy?
Mom:  Shawn Johnson

Me:  Favorite dance of the season?
Mom:  Anything Shawn does he he.

Me:  What is your favorite type of dance?
Mom:  I like the Jive, I don’ t really like the Waltz’s.

Me:  Have you or have you not told me to not call you during Dancing with the Stars?
Mom:  Yes, I have told you that.

So there you have it, Dancing with the Stars according to my Mom.  One of these chairs should definitely be reserved for her.


Who’s your favorite?  Who do you think will take home the Mirror Ball Trophy? 


Thanks to A T & T Exclusives for inviting us.

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