Creative Ways To Celebrate A Kid’s Birthday

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Are you planning a birthday party for your child? If so, you may become overwhelmed by the prospect. Try these creative ways to help celebrate the one you love.

Remember the Card

Sometimes the simple, yet important card is relegated to the background amidst everything else that occurs while planning a party. A card, however, is essential as it is the primary delivery tool for you to express your love to the birthday child. 

Birthday cards hold meaning because they show the recipient you have taken time to find the perfect graphic or word art that captures who they are. These cards are also a keepsake they can cherish for years to remind them how loved they are.

Curate a Food Table

Select easy-to-prepare foods you can assemble and place quickly. This will help save time on the day of the party, especially if guess arrive earlier than expected.

Set up a dessert bar with ice cream as the base. Place the tubs in buckets of ice to keep them cool. Make it interactive by including lots of toppings, syrups, and whipped cream. It will keep the kids busy, and it is fun to watch their creativity while crafting the perfect bowl of ice cream.

Check out this video for inspiring tips on creating the perfect food table.

Invite Everyone

Sometimes the adage, the more, the merrier, is true. If you can, consider inviting the whole class. When you have a large number of people celebrating and having fun together, it can turn into an exciting birthday party for everyone, not just the birthday celebrant.

Including everyone in your child’s celebration is a lesson in acceptance. Hosting a large group at your home is a unique opportunity for kids to get to know one another away from school.

Or Invite Selectively

Sometimes you have space limitations that prevent you from inviting everyone to the party. At other times you simply want to keep the guest list to a certain group of people. Both of these are valid reasons for not inviting everyone.

Make an effort to be discreet while doling out invitations. Ask others not to discuss the party or post photos, to spare the feelings of those not invited. While it can be a good life lesson for youth to understand that events happen without them, being excluded hurts nonetheless.

Get the Birthday Kid Involved

A surprise party is a lot of fun and can also be a source of undue stress. Planning a party does not have to be a solo endeavor where you keep the birthday kid out of the loop. Involve them in the entire process from start to finish. While it might be their special day, kids take pride in showing off their skills and being able to help more now that they are older.

A few things kids can help with include:

  • Hanging decorations
  • Setting up chairs
  • Placing food on the table
  • Preparing the games
  • Cleaning up afterward

Incorporate these creative ideas into your next birthday party. Try not to let the process become stressful. Have fun and take lots of pictures!

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