Cotton Candy Champagne for Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air…and in your cocktail. Forget mushy cards and gorgeous bouquets of flowers, when it comes to expressions of love, this Cotton Candy Champagne tops our gift list. This perfectly pink drink will give you all the heart eyes this Valentine’s Day!

Cotton Candy Champagne for Valentine's Day

(Or at least wobbly eyes because you can’t just stop at one!)

We’ve been tossing the idea of a Cotton Candy cocktail around for awhile.  We’re no stranger to mixing candy confections with our happy hour aperitif (see: Rock Candy Cocktails).  When it came to party planning for Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day we decided what better way to celebrate than with pink fluffy sugary goodness and our favorite bubbly. Now that we’ve tasted it, we wonder what took us so long?!

Serve this Cotton Candy Champagne cocktail and raise your glass to toast to love…and for refills.

Cotton Candy Champagne recipe

How to make Cotton Candy Champagne


What you’ll need

  • 1 Bottle of champagne (We like to use a medium-sweet champagne.)
  • 1 Package of cotton candy (We used strawberry flavored. Note: If you want to get super fancy you can make your own!)
  • 6-8 champagne glasses
  • Optional: straws

Cotton Candy Champagne recipe



  • Pour chilled champagne into glassware.
  • Break off a small pinch of cotton candy and place in the champagne. It will instantly dissolve and give the cocktail a pink hue.
  • Break off an additional 1 to 2 inch section of cotton candy and lightly form it into a ball. If you touch it too much it will become tacky. To keep its fluffy appearance keeping touching to a minimum. Gently rest the ball of cotton candy on top of the rim of glassware. (Note: any cotton candy that touches liquid will dissolve into the drink instantly.)
  • Serve and enjoy!

Cotton Candy Champagne for Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day Parties

We garnished our Cotton Candy Champagne with a straw. This will allow for the drink to be consumed as served, or allow guests to have a utensil to guide the sticky cotton candy into their drinks without having to worry about that stickiness transferring to their finger tips. (Note:We totally licked ours, so no judgement here!)

Cotton Candy Champagne

The magic of the Cotton Candy Champagne cocktail is that it doesn’t have to end at Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those easy cocktails that you can pull out anytime you want a little wow factor at your next party. Our mouths are tingling in anticipation with the bubbly possibilities…

Cotton Candy Champagne cocktail recipe for Valentine's Day


What kind of candy would you like to see mixed into a cocktail?

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