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The Mother Company Safety Show

The Mother Company:  “Helping Parents Raise Good People”

Have you heard about The Mother Company?  Have you heard about Ruby’s Studio?

Well if you have not, then settle in because I am about to share with you one of the most engaging, smart and clever companies on the planet. The Mother Company produces educational content that teaches children about social, moral and emotional issues. The company was founded by two moms — Abbie Schiller, CEO and Founder and Samantha Kurtzman-Counter, President. Both have very successful backgrounds in marketing, producing and directing and after becoming mothers they saw a need to create educational content for children that would help parents start a conversation with their children about behavior, emotional well-being, and social skills.

Meet Ruby. Some like to call her the modern day Mr. Mrs. Rogers, but she is so much cuter. She invites children to her studio for a fun and engaging day of learning, sharing and even some crafting. In the latest episode, “The Safety Show,” it is all about teaching kids to be safe and to speak up when they get that “uh-oh” feeling. She walks the kids through various situations, like what to do if they get lost, remembering to always check first with a parent and being the boss of their own body.

Safety Show Uh Oh Feelings

This show is unlike any other because it takes a modern and empowering approach to children’s personal safety in a modern world. What I loved about this show was that it combines real life with animation and entertainment. Ruby talks to the children in a non-threatening way and encourages them to share their ideas and have a voice in the conversation. Teaching our kids about being safe and how to respond in certain situations before they happen is key to making them feel prepared and not as frightened. I watched this with both of my kids and it helped me to have a jumping-off point to discuss the topics further. I really can’t recommend this show enough!

To find out more about The Safety Show and to be a part of the launch events in the coming weeks, click here.

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You can shop Ruby’s Studio DVDs, which includes The Safety Show, The Friendship Show and The Feelings Show. They are also available for digital download.

See behind the scenes and learn more about why Abbie and Samantha created The Safety Show!


Disclosure: I am working as an ambassador for The Mother Company, this is a sponsored post. However, I would write about these products and shows regardless. They are a quality product that has my 100% savvy sassy approval.

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